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Ahmadzai to launch development projects if elected

NILI (Pajhwok): Speaking to thousands of his supporters in central Daikundi province, presidential runner Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai on Wednesday pledged that he would launch multidimensional development projects and encourage female education if he won the June 14 presidential race.
Speaking to a mammoth gathering in Nili, the provincial capital of Daikundi, Ahmadzai said he would introduce Jafari jurisprudence in country’s Sharia universities if he won the ballot.
Building a governmental university, constructing schools’ buildings and asphalting roads in Daikundi were among his top priorities. “I will pave ground for female students of remote areas to get higher education especially Daikundi female students,” he promised.
He pledged to implement a comprehensive township master plan on standard basis in Nili, as well as to resolve other land related issues. He would also construct Nili Airport, build power dams and asphalt Kabul-Herat highway passing through Daikundi once he elected as president of the country.
Fighting corruption, settling Kochi tribe problems and issuing passports with ten years validity were among his other priorities, he remarked. “Before we get to power, we are discussing with foreign countries to provide legal and economic facilities for Afghan refugees abroad,” he said.
Ghani’s second vice-president, Sarwar Danish said there was no discrimination and his Change and Continuity team was formed with the representation of all Afghans.

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