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به خاطرى راى ميتم که دولت برى نواسه هايم مکتب جور کنه

NEILI (Pajhwok): An elderly woman travelled for miles to cast her vote at a polling station in Neili, the capital of Daikundi province, saying she wanted the new president to ensure peace, progress and prosperity.
The woman, who was brought on a donkey to cast her vote, expected the new president would establish schools for the coming generation.
Saraee, 50, arrived at the polling station amid scorching heat as her village has no paved road. She said: “I underwent difficulties for the sole purpose to vote for a candidate who can steer the country out of crisis.”
Daikundi is situated in central Afghanistan, where there are no health, education and other facilities and the area has been neglected for years.
She said every citizen had the right to vote and every man and woman should exercise franchise in the larger interest of the country.

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