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Ghor residents demand representation in cabinet

FEROZKOH (Pajhwok): Residents of western Ghor province on Saturday complained of having no representation in the newly-introduced cabinet.

The much-awaited Council of Ministers was unveiled last week and its members are scheduled to seek a vote of confidence from parliament this week.

“In the last 13 years, our youth joined army and police ranks to defend and stabilise the country. We hoped for overall political participation in matters of national importance,” they said.

In a joint statement, provincial council members, civil society activists, Ulema Council and youth said: “We don’t have any representative in the new cabinet, just like the last 13 years.”

Despite a variety of challenges, the people of Ghor said they had played an active role in all vital processes, like participating in elections, counter-narcotics efforts and the war of graft.

Provincial council member Abdul Hamid Natiqi said: “Ghor has highly capable and educated individuals. Unfortunately, nobody gives them a chance to participate in reconstruction or political processes.”

He asked the government to give such people a place in the cabinet.

Maulvi Abdu Khaliq Haidari, member of the Ulema Council, warned if their request was not heeded, they would expel the officials appointed by the government.

Abdul Qadir Ghafoori, another provincial council member, said people had the right to have a share in top government posts. He complained Ghor still lacked proper infrastructure such as roads, electricity and university.


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