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Unemployment pushes Khost youth into drug use

KHOST CITY (Pajhwok): The counternarcotics director on Sunday claimed progress in preventing drug trade in southeastern Khost province, but some public representatives said drug use and smuggling had increased.
Counternarcotics chief in Khost Mir Nagal Thaniwal told a press conference here that considerable progress had been achieved in preventing drug smuggling, use and production in the province over the past eight years.
During the period, he said, more than 7000 out of nearly 37000 drug addicts were treated and presently two rehabilitation hospitals were operational in the province.
He said drug smuggling and use still persisted but poppy cultivation had dropped to zero level in the province, where drugs production and processing had been prevented to a great extent.
“My appeal to all security organs is that they should fulfill their responsibility towards preventing drug smuggling and sale.”
But speaking at the same press conference, provincial council secretary Janmir Zazai openly said that drug smuggling, sale and use had reached the climax in Khost.
He said poverty and unemployment pushed the youth into drug addiction and if the government created jobs for the youth, the number of drug addicts could fall.
“Though on low scale, drug smuggling continues uninterrupted here and its use is increasing each day in villages and districts. Among the drugs, hashish and alcoholic drinks are common.”
Khost police chief Brig. Gen. Faiz Mohammad Ghairat acknowledged drug smuggling, sale and use, but said serious efforts were underway to deal with the menace.
He said police were trying to arrest drug smugglers, confiscate drugs and prevent their use.
He urged the people to inform police about the presence of drug smugglers in their areas so that action could be taken against them.
A resident, Ahmad Shah, said besides young people, children could also be seen using drugs, urging police to arrest drug smugglers and bring them to justice.

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