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Differences on e-ID cards resolved, says Faisal

KABUL (Pajhwok): The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)’s office on Monday said there were no technical problems in issuing electronic national identity cards and some political differences in this regard between the president and the CEO had been resolved.
The Council of Ministers had recently decided to launch the cards’ distribution on August 19, but the president opposed the decision because August 19 is Afghanistan’s Independence Day which should be specialised for praising the Afghan security forces.
The Presidential Palace has previously said a test distribution drive of the new cards would be launched soon.
CEO’s deputy spokesman Javid Faisal said no changes had been brought the Cabinet’s decision and the distribution of ID cards would start soon.
Talking to reporters, he said all operations about electronic ID cards had been done and the Census Law referred to the Wolesi Jirga and the president for final approval. He said there was no legal obstacle to prevent distribution of the ID cards.
“The electronic ID card clears the fate of every Afghan, if the distribution process is not started soon, it would hurt all the people. We are thoroughly assessing the process,” Faisal said.
He denied technical problems in the distribution of the ID cards and the officials concerned were completely ready. He added some political differences about the ID cards had also been settled between the CEO and the President’s Office.
After the parliament approved the Census Law last year, some lawmakers, civil society activists and political parties protested against not mentioning the world “Afghan” in the new ID cards.
But some people agreed with the parliament’s decision to mention only the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the cards.
The Independent Election Commission (IEC) has also said that transparent elections could not be possible without electronic ID cards.
The European Union has stopped financially supporting the ID Cards Distribution Department due to an unclear stance of the Afghan government on the matter.

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