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"د کندهار ولايتي شورا د ولايت ادارو پر کړنو نظارت ډېر کړى"

KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): The provincial council (PC) says it has tightened oversight on activities of the provincial government entities in southern Kandahar province for the sake of reforms and better services delivery to people.
A member of the council, Haji Nimatullah Sherdeli, told Pajhwok Afghan News they had encouraged provincial departments to work more because the people of Kandahar faced problems in many spheres of life.
He said the provincial council had set up various commissions tasked with investigating people’s problems and overseeing the performance of the departments concerned.
Sherdeli, who heads the commission on education and health, said his colleagues had been visiting districts to monitor activities of the local administration.
He said there had been complaints from some districts that the education sector there was rife with corruption and most of the children were out of school.
As head of the education and health panel, the public representative said he recently visited Arghandab, Panjwai, Zheri, Maiwand and other districts and evaluated the education process there and talked to local officials and residents about reforms in this regard.
He said the provincial council was committed to working a lot in area of education in order all children find access to education and curb corruption.
However, he acknowledged their inability to travel to remote districts due to security concerns.
About the National Solidarity Programme (NSP), Sherdeli said the provincial council had monitored NSP projects in various districts and had dissolved local councils for failing to effectively discharge their responsibilities.
He said bringing reforms to village councils was crucial for preventing fraud in spending funds.
Sherdeli also talked about their efforts at resolving tribal feuds, saying the provincial council had been able to resolve even some long-running feuds among tribes in various districts.
He said of the conflicts now resolved had claimed numerous lives, but their efforts changed many enmities into friendships.
About price controls, Sherdeli said the recently deteriorated economic condition of local residents was further exacerbated by soaring prices of essential commodities, but they held meetings with traders and shopkeepers and determined prices of some essential goods.
Calling lack of electricity, poor economy and unemployment as some of the major problems people faced, the provincial council member urged the central government to pay attention to these issues.
He described as 80 percent satisfactory the security situation in Kandahar and said they had been regularly meeting elders to muster support for Afghan security forces in maintaining security.
The Kandahar provincial council meets twice a week and people from Kandahar City and districts visit their office to share their problems with the public representatives.
Residents say the provincial council is an effective contact between them and the government only when their problems are heard and conveyed to officials for solution.
Nasrullah, who lives in the 5th police district of Kandahar City, the provincial council members should represent their constituents in a useful way and should put pressure on the provincial administration to resolve people’s problems.
However, he said problems presented to the council by residents took much time to be resolved.


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