Maidan Wardak (PAN): Residents of Maidan Wardak complained that unchecked and growing insecurity hampers progress and development of almost every sector. 
Officials in some districts admit reign of lawlessness but promised that they are working vigorously to control the problem, saying that plans are underway to ensure security at every cost.
The city of Maidan Wardak is located to the west of Kabul at a distance of 35 kilometers. Its resident have recently protested against the highhandedness of foreign forces particularly the U.S. Special Forces.
Despite the fact that the area is close to the capital but it is considered among the most insecure areas of the country. Roadsides bomb blasts, ambushes, attacks, and kidnapping of government officials are happening almost on daily basis.
Locals say if security is not improved till the upcoming elections then participation of the people in the ballot process would be difficult.
Hailing from Maidan Wardak, Gul Rahim said Taliban have planted mines on almost all the routes and busy highways.
“Peace cannot be maintained as long as security check posts are not built in the city and far-flung areas. The strength of foreign militants is more than that of local Taliban who harass locals,” he added.
Hailing from Jaghtu district, Yousuf said with the exception of district police building rest of district is in the hands of Taliban.
He said a policeman got killed in an encounter with the Taliban sometime back whose body could not be shifted through route because of fear of Taliban attacks or mines that are being planted on the roads.
“If anyone claims Maidan Wardak has good security then I challenge him to travel by road on way to Jaghtu district where he will face heavy Taliban presence and roadside bombs,” he remarked.  
Shafeeq, a resident of Sayed Abad district said his district is regarded as a nest of militants and hub of insecurity.
“Logistics convoys are being attacked while security forces and public transport come under roadside bomb attacks daily,” he added.
He went on to say that Taliban abduct government officials and NGOs workers without any fear from government. He said the highway from Kabul to Herat is not insecure while the road passing through Sayed Abad is too risky.
He said Taliban stop and search vehicles in the broad day light in the vicinity of Sayed Abad. Hailing from Chak district, Ameen said with the exception of district building, the government has no control even in a single kilometer, adding that Taliban wield powers in villages.
He said due to the last ten years prevailing insecurity situation, the construction work on the Chak power dam and the district roads has been halted. He said the government is not willing to initiate development projects and tighten security parameters.
Blaming the locals for not coming forward to counter the Taliban and ensure their own security, he said people of the area bow to every demand of the militants, which further emboldened the Taliban.
Qayyum, a resident of Narkh district said for the last three years, the Taliban and Hizb-e-Islami men have been fighting to each other. He said the government is playing the role of a spectator and is unable to take action against both the groups.
“Hundreds of youth have been killed from both the sides during the infighting and there is none to come forward for reconciliation between the warring groups,” he added.
People of the area know better how much power and writ the government has in the area.
Another resident of Amir Dad district said there is complete sense of insecurity in his area, adding during the last decade, the government could not implement even a single project, which could help bridge the gap between the residents and the government.
Similarly, the once peaceful Behsud district is in grip of lawlessness and insecurity.
Hazrat Muhammad Janan, provincial council deputy chief said insecurity has been growing by each passing day in the province because the foreign forces willfully harassed people, which widen gap between people and government.
The same way, the security forces and the Taliban equally have been harassing civilians, he said, adding that foreign hands cannot be ruled out in the backdrop of growing insecurity.
He asked the people to extend their support to the security forces to maintain peace.
Governor Maidan Wardak Abdul Majid Khugyanai though admits sense of insecurity in parts of his province but saying that his forces are striving hard to bring stability and tighten security.
He claimed security and law and order in Jalrez and Narkh districts witnessed 70 percent improvement as compared to last year.
He said people have reservations to bolster security in several districts, reassuring that measures are being adopted to discourage militancy.
There are serious security problems in Jaghtu, Mir Dad and Chak districts but steps are being taken to control the situation and purge the area of anti-state elements.
He said roads of Sayed Abad district were not safe because of plying of NATO oil tankers, saying that local police have intensified its drive, which helped decrease the attacks.
He expressed optimism law and order and security in Maidan Wardak would be improved as multiple steps are being taken to reverse the tide of lawlessness in the area.