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Monday, July 1, 2013 - 13:00

LASHKARGAH (PAN): It is the prime responsibility of the Afghan government and international community to tackle widespread administrative corruption, improve education and health sectors, stabilize security parameters, and ensure market access for agriculture products. 
These views are expressed by the residents of Helmand Province in their chat with the Pajhwok Afghan News. Jan Mohammad, a resident of Lashkargah city the main problems that the residents of his province want to flush out is administrative corruption. He said the residents want improvement of education sector, ensuring security, provision of health services, and greater market access for their agriculture products.
He expressed optimism by saying if authorities concentrate to address the basic problems of the people then it would go a long way to bridge the gulf between the people and government.
“The government needs to ensure rule of law, good governance, and help stand the livestock sector on its own feet,” Ahmadullah, a resident of Nava District said.
He promised that people are ready to extend all possible cooperation to the government if the Afghan authorities and the international community take some stringent measures to workout policies in accordance with the need of the people.
He said that greater transparency is needed to improve the overall situation, adding that officials involved in corrupt practices should be publicly punished for their wrongdoings.
Ghazi, a tribal elder from Lashkargah city said that the people do not beg the government to pay them in cash rather they want the authorities to discourage corruption and corrupt practices.
Absence of processing plants and green houses, he said causing farmers to sell their agriculture crops on throw away prices.
Point toward lack of coordination among security forces, Ghazi said that it is imperative for the government to focus on the improvement of education sector in an apparent attempt to bolster the literacy rate.
A tribal elder from Greshk District says: “Their main demands from the government are that to minimize the ratio of unemployment, ensure rule of law, improve security, and implementation of balanced development projects.”
Wali Khan, a resident of Garamsir District said that there is no proper market for their agriculture crops, demanding the relevant officials to take practical measure to explore more markets for their agriculture products.
He went on to say that increasing the number of security personnel with advanced equipments tend to improve the overall security situation in the restive province.
Rahimullah, a resident of Kajaki District said there is shortage of electricity, demanding of the Afghan government to accelerate efforts for the rehabilitation of the Kajaki Power Dam without further delay.