Logar Province has 456, 800 square kilometers area. Logar is located 65- kilometers to the south of Kabul. The city of Kabul is siutated toward it north, Paktia to its south, Nangarhar to its east and Maidan Wardak Proivince is situated to its west. A strip of Gazni Province touches Logar.  Pashtun, Tajik and Hazara tribes reside in the province.
It merits mention that Logar was a part of Kabul Province until 1964, however the same year it got the status of a separate province. Formerly, Logar was known as Loy Ghar.
Logar has six districts and a capital. Pole Alam is the capital while its districts include Mohammad Agha, Sarkh, Kharwar, Baraki Barak, Khwaki and Azrah. Its main tribes are Ahmadzi, Stanakzi, Abdurahimzi, Tajiks, Khwajagan, Nasar, Wardak, Messoud, Wazeer, Naiabkhail, Ormar and Nomads.
Logar has three dams--- Kharwar, Abtak and Krombi. The constrcution of the dams will help irrigate vast land. Kharwar dam is located in Kharwar district, Abtak in Khwaki and Grombi in Baraki Barak districts.
The province has no hectic art related activities as compared to other provinces. Currently, the annual poetry concert--- Sanzal Gul--- concluded in Logar in which poets, writers and intellectuals from other provinces participated.
In addition, two cultural societies, a magazine and some Radio channels are functioning in Logar, which airs art related programmes.
International NGOs offers courses of calligraphy, handcraft and painting for women. Logar is also famous for its local musical gathering where people enjoy to the highest degree bu the current wave of insecurity dealt a sever blow to it.
Being historical region, Logar has ancient antiquities and sites. However, the antiques of this historical region were damaged during the mayhem in the last decade.
It merits mention that two idols of gold pertaining to male and female were smuggled to Pakistan from Takat-e-Jamsheed area of Sajawand in Logar during the rule of Taliban. So far, no one knows the whereabouts of those gold antiques.
Similarly, as many as fifteen antiques of gold, silver and stucco were illegally dug from Misainak area.
Sarkh, Sajawand, Kharwar (Kafirkot), Misainak, Jamshid Takat, Zargoon Shar (Khwajah Sadar Awliya Ziarat), Sultan Sahib Ghar and hundreds of other sites of Logar has historical remnants, which has antiquity.
Logar gave birth to renowned personalities who made history in the world and among those include Maulana Muhammad Yaqoob Sarkhi, Gazi Ameenullah Logari, Alama Faizan Bai Jan Agha, Mohammad Jan Khan Mohammad Aghi, and Bayzeed Roshan.
A total of 13 media outlets function in Logar including private as well state-run organizations.
Currently Zeenat, Isteqlal, Ittifaq, Milli Paigham radio channels function while Zwanano Ghag, Olympic, Youth Society, Monthly Magazine and Warzashkar Magazine publish from Logar Province.
Education activities are progressing in Logar with accelerated steps. Residents of the area are now more than willing to get their kids educated and send them to schools as compared to the past.
Logar has 259 schools, 67 high, 73 intermediate while the rest are primary schools.
Meanwhile, 133, 855 students including 40836 are girls enrolled elsewhere in Logar’s schools. In addition, there are 19 religious centers including a Dar-ul-Ulum, three Darul Hifaz and the rest are Madrasas where 3, 153 student get their education.
Three technical and vocational high schools and two private high schools function in Logar Province.  
Logar has no known industry but people are mostly associated with the carpentry and blanket industry.
Logar is agrarian province with 8% of its people’s economy depends on agriculture. Formers in Logar Province collect crops from 51, 500 acres aggregated land and 34, 300 none aggregated lands.
The province produces thousands of tons of wheat, corn, barley, beans and different kinds of vegetables. Its vegetables and fruits are being exported to neighboring provinces including Kabul, Paktia and Khost.
Similarly, Logar produces different kinds of fruit such as apple, grapes, pears and almond. The fruit orchards spread on 3, 227 hectare of land.
Both traditional and contemporary sports are being played in logar. The province has its popular sport department with hundreds of sports clubs.
Football, volleyball, cricket, boxing, taekwondo, Washoe, kick box and Chess are the most favorite sports in Logar. Wrestling and atlantics are among other local traditional sports.