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Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - 14:00

FAIZABAD (PAN): The strategically situated northern Badakhshan province shares borders with Tajikistan, China and Pakistan with its greater Pamir heights located on the edge with China in Wakhan district.
Heavy snowfall cause tremendous problems to the people of Badakhshan province particularly in the winter season such as blockade of dilapidated roads by avalanche, shortage of food, unemployment and spreading lawlessness.
Heavy snowfall causing blockades at six points forcing people of Mahami, Nusi, Shuki, Kofab and Khwahan district to use animals for transporting foods and other necessary materials to their respective villages.
The businessmen associated with food supply also face numerous problems while transporting goods to the area.
Qadir Baig, a resident of Shaghnan district said he obtained some foods after facing immense problems while carrying foods and other items for his family.
“We use animals to transport goods from Shikakam to Shaghanan,” he added.
People of the province expressed concern about the fast-approaching winter season by saying that transportation and dilapidated roads were big hurdles for them.
Residents of remote areas used to barter their animals for food and other necessary items. Allah Nazar, a resident of Nusi district gave his animals to get food items in return.
He said people were not well-off enough to buy food items for themselves that was why they gave their animals to get food for their families.
“The government is not concerned about our problems. We are neglected people of the country,” he complained.
Mirza Muhayuddin, a resident of Nusi district said people of the area had been facing immense troubles due to cold weather amid blockade of roads, shortage of food items and sharp rise in prices of daily use commodities.
Residents of Darwaza were poor and deserved to be extended with every help, he said, adding the government should work out a proper mechanism to alleviate the grievances of the people.
Wahidullah, another resident of Badakhshan said lawlessness was spreading with accelerated steps in Durwage, Argo, Darim and Khishim districts, which needed to be checked.
Locals said militants’ presence had been reported in Faizabad city recently.
He demanded the government to improve security by eliminating the sanctuaries of militants in the province.
Abdul Wahid Tayyabi, head of provincial council said the central government did not pay heed to develop Badakhshan as compared to other provinces.
Lack of schools infrastructure, shortage of drinking water and bumpy roads were among major problems people of Badakhshan were facing for years, he added.
Allauddin, a resident of Badakhshan said unemployment was fueling terrorism and militancy in the province and youth of the province was forced to travel to foreign countries for work.
He said youth took risk of their lives by travelling to Iran or other country with most of them got killed or captured by the forces of foreign countries.
He demanded the government to establish industries and explore other means of employment for the people of the province.
Khawhan, Wakahan, Darwaza, Raghistan, Darim, Kishim and Darwage districts are vulnerable to drugs smugglings.
In recent past, police have destroyed few drug factories in the province, he said, adding drugs smugglers were armed with sophisticated arms, which were being sold to militants.