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Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - 14:00

FAIZABAD (PAN): Underlining transparency in the upcoming elections, people of Badakhshan expressed concerns that security problems could hamper conducting elections in free way.
They said they would participate in the presidential and provincial elections but the concerned authorities should adopt measures to ensure peace and security ahead of the crucial stage of holding ballots.
Badakhshan including the capital center had 29 administrative units and the number of seats for male and female had not been specified for the upcoming provincial elections yet.
Warduj, Jurm, Tagab, Kiran-o-Manjan, Orgu, Daraim and Yaftal are among the districts which were experiencing partial insecurity and people of the region were worried about the state of affairs. It is generally feared elections could be scuttled or rigged if security could not be improved.
The following report has interviews with residents of five districts including Faizabad, center of Badakhshan regarding the upcoming elections.
Farmer: All people should participate in elections.
Ghulam Mohammad, a farmer in Yawan district said his life had improved after the collapse of Taliban government with his wheat and rice yielded more crops in the wake of improvement in security and progress in agriculture sector. Farmer community was happy after getting improved seeds and fertilizers, he added.
In order to strengthen security and improve governance, it is imperative to participate enthusiastically in coming elections, he said, adding he would vote for the candidate who could help remove sufferings of the poverty-stricken masses of the nation.
The next president should be the one who could improve lives of farmers, widows, orphans and the poor and help the affected people, he noted.
“I will vote in favor of a candidate who helps farmers find market for their products,” he remarked.
The next president should keep bolstering security on top of the agenda and then start the reconstruction work, he urged.
A shoemaker: “I will not participate in elections if security and other problems are not resolved.”
Zia-ur-Rahman Mohammadi, a shoemaker in Kofab district said security was comparatively good but his life remained unchanged.  
He said it was the duty of the government to ensure tight security and improve the lives of the people, adding if the security problem could not be resolved then he would be unable to participate in the ballots.
He had participated in the previous elections but his life remained unchanged therefore he was not too much enthusiastic to participate in the polls.
“If I participate then I will vote in favor of a candidate who has no role in wars or killing of people,” he added.
A doctor: “Medication has become standard and diseases have decreased.”
Nauroz Ali Raghistani, a physician in Faizabad city said people had greater awareness regarding health problems and diseases over the past decade.
“As I have the voter registration card and I will cast my vote in favor of a fair contender,” he added.
The next president should pay greater attention to develop various sectors, he said, adding people had no trust on the incumbent government. People need access to swift justice, poverty reduction, prevention of corruption and acceleration of reconstruction process, he said.
He next president should expedite efforts with special reference to check private hospitals and clinics in an attempt to improve the lives of the people.
A student: Upcoming elections will be effective to decide country’s future.
Sifatullah, a student at Badakhshan University said the upcoming elections were viewed to play a decisive role in the future of the country.
He said students should be provided with every facility because they would play a highly significant role in the country in future.
A teacher: Rampant corruption in government departments needs to be uprooted.
Najia Ghayyasi, a teacher at Baharak High school of Baharak district said she was working for nine years in the education sector but the promise made by the Education Ministry with regard of raising teachers’ salaries could not be materialized.
She said people of Badakhshan were expecting the next president to eradicate widespread corruption from government sectors with special reference the education department.
She said though security had partially been improved, the next government should focus on implementation building infrastructure.
Mother: “My life has been improved comparatively.”
Mother of six, Roqaya Shadab, of Orgu district said her husband served as a teacher in the district.
She said she got her voter registration card and she would vote in favor of a candidate after consultation with her husband.
Despite having economical problems, she said she was leading a happy life along with her children.
She studied till 6th class but could not continue her education due to multiple problems, adding if the government provided her with opportunity then would start getting education again.
Nomad: The next president should introduce positive changes in nomads’ lives.
Mullah Jan Gul, a nomad from Kishm district said he got voting cards from mobile registration team for himself and his family members in order to take part in elections. He urged the upcoming government should focus to resolve problem of nomads.
In summer they live in meadow while in winter in partially warm areas where they live under the open sky with no roof, he said, adding he would vote for a candidate who could bring positive changes in their lives.
A poet: The government has paid no attention to improve lives of poets.
Mohammad Zahir Khashi, a leading poet in Faizabad said literary opportunities had been provided over the past few years in Badakhshan but little interest paid by the government and relevant authorities discouraged the poets and writers.
“Poets and writers are eyes of a society and always talk and write about realities and they should be encouraged by providing them with more facilities,” he added.
He would vote in favor of a candidate who had greater respect for writers and poets and support them.