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Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 15:15

QALA-i-Now (PAN): A number of residents in Badghissaid major problems being faced by the residents included absence of health facilities, construction of university and airfield.
Abdullah Durani, a civil society activist and resident of provincial capital said the province was underdeveloped and needed accelerated steps for the development of the neglected part of the country.
“Construction of a civil airport is direly needed and should be built without further delay. Badghis is a remote province and its residents face unspeakable problems in transport sector and an airfield for domestic flights--- solution of the problems will go a long way to win the favor and support of the locals”, he remarked.
He saidthe existing small airfield was allocated for foreigners and high ranking officials, which was not allowed for public use.
Waheed Ahmad Hamidzai, a resident of Balamurghab district said during the raining season the Balamurghab River was at its full swing which used to destroy agricultural lands, flowing uselessly to Turkmenistan despite the fact that locals did not havedrinking water.
He underlined the construction of dam on the river for proper use of water and preventing the damages to agricultural lands and properties.
SharafuddinAmarkhel, another civil society activistsaid construction of industrial parks in the provincewould help generate more job opportunities for the poverty-stricken masses and improved the economy of the country to some extent. “Our people are working in industry but due to absence of industrial parks and zones, there hard earned benefit tends to go to other provinces,” he added.
Going into details, he said big portion of countries’ carpets were being produced in Badghisbut on the way to Herat armed groups robbed them or their products were being sold with the trademark of other provinces. Amarkhel also said the production of pistachiowas among the bumper crops but absence of a proper market was the main factor hampering its promotion.
Hayatullah, a resident of Moqur district demanded more support to bolster the agriculture sector including advanced tools such as plowing machines.  He said the farmers’ community did not get the needed facilities at a time where their crop was damaged by diseases.
Another resident of same district urged government to help protect and rehabilitate the pistachio forests. This is an income for the poor people, but warlords and other powerful people cut the forests. 
Abdul Qayum, a resident of Qala-i-now pointed out electricity as their main demand and said with electricity every sector could be developed economically.
Sulaimankhil, a resident of Qadis district complained of lack of health services, adding mostly their patient died on their way to health clinics in Herat province due to long distance and dilapidated condition of roads.
“There is no efficient doctor in the district and even the provincial capital. The pharmacies are also selling low quality drugs, which threaten lives of patients,” he said, adding the government should take steps to provide health related facilities.