QALA-I-NAW (PAN): Badghis officials said heavy presence of Taliban could still be noticed but their capability to launch large scale attack had been reduced.
Taliban had active presence in Bala Murhab and Jawand districts while the rests five administrative units including the provincial capital of Badghis province were comparatively secure.    
Mohammad Mirwais Merzakwal, spokesman of Badghis governor while admitting law and order had been weakened in the province told Pajhwok Afghan News security forces had the capability to overcome any security to the law and order of the province.
Earlier, residents complained about the fast-growing daily worsening security situations in the province. 
Abdul Basir, a university student and resident of Bala Murghab district told Pajhwok Afghan News militants sneaked in the district who had active presence who were harassing locals.
He went on to say writ of the government  could not be seen anywhere in Murghab district except in Bazaar, adding that suburbs of the district were under the control of Taliban.
He said a number of people were killed while resisting the atrocities of Taliban groups but the government could not take any action to flush out the militants from the populated areas.
He lamented authorities did not launch operation cleanup against militants despite condemnation and complaints from the locals.
He blamed both the government and Taliban for civilian causalities. 
Ismail, a farmer from the same district complained about the spiraling lawlessness in the province who said traveling from districts to provincial capital was dangerous as militants used to stop passengers’ vehicles.
He said even police officials were minting money from the poor people who were returning to their homes after day of work.
“The notorious Mangano check post use to collect 20 afghanis daily per head from passengers,” he told.
In case of resistance, police loots and interrogate each and every passenger.  
 Bahram Khan, a tribal elder of Muqur district said people were in disarray because of militants’ presence on the one hand while on the other they were unhappy from the Afghan Local Police (ALP).
He said residents were all set to leave area due to the accesses being meted out to locals by the ALP.
 “I do not observe any difference between ALP and Taliban militants. Both the forces harass locals and the people wonder to whom they convey their grievances,” he added.
He said farmers were forced to pay Zakat and Ushar twice to the Taliban as well as to the ALP and both the forces claimed there were savior of the country.
He informed ALP snatched his sheep from his herd because they had to prepare dinner for their guests.
Shah Mir, a resident of provincial capital Qala-i-Naw expressed satisfaction over the law and order situation in the city by saying police and other law enforcement agencies were committed to work for the establishment of law and order in the city.  
He told Pajhwok Afghan News law and order situation outside the city were in shambles after militants launched multiple attacks including abduction and money snatching.
“The residents of the capital and some districts demand the government to help them rid of Afghan Local Police and ensure the needed changes in the structure and power of ALP force,” he added.
They demanded the deployment of Afghan National Army and Police instead of the corrupt ALP.
Sharaf-ul-Din Sharaf, Badghis Brigadier General police refused to unveil the details while asked by Pajhwok Afghan News about the ongoing law and order situations.
But Mirwais Mirzakwal, governor spokesman said the province was in grip of lawlessness, adding measures were being taken to reverse the trend of insecurity. 
He assured measures would be taken soon to protect highways and passengers from militants’ attacks, adding more security check posts would be established once the work of under construction ring roads was completed.
“Security will be improved after the construction of the linking roads,” he added.
He said a gigantic security plan had been finalized by taking the tribal elders into confidence.
He assured local police force would be deployed to Muqar and Jawan districts to discourage militants’ presence in the area.
He said Taliban had heavy presence but they had no capability to confront the security forces.
Sharaf-ul-Din Majidi, chief of governor staff told Pajhwok Afghan News no formal complaint had been about the ALP of harassing the locals unnecessarily.
He said he would order thorough investigation to find facts regarding the misuse of power by the ALP.