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Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 15:45

The people of Bamyan consider the rehabilitation program inconstant, demanding the authorities to accelerate work on projects to complete them without further delay.
The people of the province demanded the elimination of unemployment, support for education, respect for women rights and creation of more opportunities for higher education inside and outside the country.
Expressing their anger over the delay of rehabilitation projects, the member of provincial civil societies group paved a few meters of road in the province, afterwards the rehabilitation projects were speeded up.
Aqillah Hussinai, member of provincial council said major problems of the people in Bamyan were unemployment, none existence of electricity, hospitals and dilapidated condition of roads. She said government should resolve the problems of the people on emergency bases.
“The province is destabilized due to insecurity in the neighboring provinces. The roads to the province are not safe anymore,” she remarked.
Madam Hussaini in her chat with Pajhwok Afghan News said that government should pay attention to the development of agriculture and livestock industry besides the enhancement of highways security.
Mohammad Abbas, graduate student of agriculture faculty from Bamyan University said: “The province has immense capacity in agriculture. Once the attention is drawn to its development, the economy of the province will improve to greater extent.”
He said cultivation of potatoes fulfilled the need of half of Afghan population, adding that increase in the volume of potatoes crops was possible if the formers get support of the government.
Haydar Ali Ahmadi, member of Bamyan provincial council said after series of meetings with the local and regional council, it was discovered that people were suffering from the dilapidated conditions of roads, insufficient healthcare system and none existence of electricity. 
Due to dilapidated road, people in Bmayan get stacked and loses contacts with other provinces and the problems increases.
Ahmadi elaborated it takes a day travel for the residents of Panjab and Warrat districts to get to the capital city from their respective localities. They regretted the loss of time and material they carry. 
Sakhi Dad, resident of Bamyan province complained about the improper transportation system in the province, saying that travelling to Kabul and Maza-e-Sharif to find out work for him but he was not succeeded.