31. Maulvi Ghulam Muhayuddin Munsif:
Elected Senator from Kapisa province,
Son of Shamsher Khan, Maulvi Ghulam Muhayuddin Munsif is born in 1973 in Najrab district. He completed his education in Fath-ul-Madaras in his native town. After completion of his education, he started teaching in the same institution.
Maulvi Munsif served as head of Najrab education department for two years. He was introduced to upper house in 2005, and now he serves as senator.
Contact number: 0799847969 , 0775927936
32. Noor Muhammad Kafil Noori:
Elected Senator from Kapisa,
Noor Muhammad Kafil Noori is the son of Tehmas, and is born in 1961 in Pacha Ghan locality of Najrab district. He completed his education from the Shaheed Habib-u-Rehman High School. He earned his high education from the Kabul University in veterinary faculty. He served as an officer in seventh military brigade. He was a teacher in Peshawar during Mujahideen era in Kabul. By profession, he is a veterinary doctor. He is member of Kapisa provincial council. Now, he serves as senator.
77-Abdul Shakoor Farid:
Selected senator from Kapisa,
Son of Abdul Rauf, Abdul Shakoor Farid is born in 1928 in Khurshidi Dar district Kohistan of Kapisa province. Farid has received bachelor education from Kabul University. He served as headmaster in Mahmood Raqi and Ashtar Gam High Schools and then discharged his duties as principal in Khan Abad and Sayed Khail, and served as teacher in Habibia, Nauman schools. He then served as deputy for the education department of Parwan province. He served in various capacities with the Jihadi parties.  
Contact number: 0797869134