Engineer Muhammad Umar Sherzad Son of Haji Abdul Samad, Engineer Muhammad Umar Sherzad was born in 1966 in Pashmol locality of Panjwai district in Kandahar.
He completed his primary and secondary education at Ahmad Shah Baba High School in Kandahar. He took active part in Jihad against soviet and was a member of Mahaz Milli Afghanistan headed by Pir Sayed Ahmad Gilani. Later, he joined the party of Maulvi Younas Khalis.
He served as head of provincial head of National Directorate of Security in the south. Similarly, he worked as head of mines and industries in Kandahar. In 2005, he was member of Meshrano Jirga. Earlier, he served as governor of Uruzgan province. He fluently speaks Pashtu, Dari and English as well.
Contact: 0799 484 288