Youths Coordination Cultural Association:
The Logar Youths Coordination Cultural Association is the first civil society institution to be established in 2007. The association strives to build strong coordination among youths. It is working to promote youth related activities in the province.
Association of New Youths:
The Association of New Youths is functioning in Logar. It is working to enhance the education sector and promote youth affairs. It has tens members.
Mohammad Agha Active Youths:
It is also a vibrant active civil society organization in Mohammd Agha District. It is striving to promote cultural, sports and social affairs in the area.
Afghan Active Youth Cultural and Social Union:
The Afghan Active Youth Cultural and Social Union mainly focus on promoting women and youth interests and their capacity building. Most of its members are female.
 Afghan Youth and Women Capacity Building Association:
The association is working to enhance women affairs. It is striving to build women capacity by conducting workshop.
Youths and Students Associations:
The association has its focus mainly to tackle problems being confronted by the students. It is working to build close coordination among youth and students. Most of its members are students.
Women’s justice Seeking Association: The Women’s justice Seeking Association is striving to educate women about their rights.
Businesswomen Association:
The association is of vital importance for women. It is working to improve women’s handicraft and their economy. In addition, the association arrange exhibition to promote women products and find markets for them. It has around 20 members.
Logar Students Association:
The Logar Students Association is established by the students in Logar Province. The association explores measures to remove hurdles in education sector. It is working to build strong coordination among students.
Qadir Shah Village Cultural Association:
The association promotes literacy related activities. It conducts literary gatherings and has its focus to reactivate other social affairs. It has 20 members.