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Sunday, March 31, 2013 - 16:00

The people of Jawzjan consider insecurity and unemployment as their major problems. The province is located 570 kilometres north of the central capital Kabul and having 10 districts.
The number of its provincial council seats is nine with three of those reserved for women. The number of candidates for the provincial council is 74 and 14 of them are women.
Kidnapping for ransom, roadside landmines, killing of government employees, theft and robberies and tax collection by opponents of the government are disturbing lives of the people in the province.
The report has been prepared on the basis of interviews with four people, two of them are women.
Resident of Shiberghan: Irrigation water should be provided
Forty-year-old Amanullah is resident of Shiberghan city of Jawzjan. He is taking part in the elections so as to elect the new president for the country.
He said roads were constructed in his area and clean drinking water was provided to the people during the current government. He wants the next president to ensure provision of irrigation water to them from the River Oxus.
Rural woman: Welfare works have been done in the current government
Amna, 40, resident of Chaqma Chaqoor village of the Qosh Tapa district, says welfare works have been done in the present government.
Amna says an eight-room school was constructed in her village under the National Solidarity Programme. A road leading to the village has also been paved and construction of a health clinic has also been promised.
Her demand from the next president is to ensure security and provide clean drinking water to people. She says elections are important but she would vote only when there is security.
A city dweller: Security has been deteriorated
Fida Muhammad, resident of Sar Pul Bandar of Shiberghan city, says vote is important in election of the president and he wants to use this right.
He says corruption, fighting and terror have been increased in the past five years. He also appreciates some positive works done in the province, but says the loss caused by insecurity is far more than the reconstruction.
He knows six of the presidential candidates and wants the next president to take care of this hapless people and if unable to do any other thing, at least root out corruption and stop the governors and their deputies from taking money from the people openly.
Employee of a woman NGO: Women participation increased in different affairs
Humaira Qazizada, head of the bright future project for women of the Ghar NGO, says vote was their just right and she is participating in the elections.
The 45-year-old says she wants such a president who can ensure justice.
She says positive change has been occurred in her life in the past five years and now women can work together with men.
She says construction of roads and streets were the two major jobs in that period. These were completed in her area, she added.
She wants the government to ensure provision of clean drinking water and gas to the area. Her first demand from the future president is that to ensure peace in the country. She also wants him to provide more employment and education opportunities for women.