During the last decade, civil society organizations have flourished in Farah province manifold.
The formally registered civil society organizations help provide services to the people in the field of social, economic and culture.
 1-        Afghan Women Rescue Organization:
The Afghan Women Rescue Organization is founded by Sherin Faizi in 2005. The organization strives to help facilitate people in economic and social related issues.
Contact No: 0799604477
2-         Farah Teachers’ Union:
The Farah Teachers’ Union was founded by Fareed Ahmad Haibat in 2003. Hameedullah Rahmani is headed the union.
The union discharges its duties to advocate for teachers’ rights in Farah province.
Contact No: 0799574546
 3-        Afghanistan Youth National and Social Organ:
The Afghanistan Youth National and Social Organ was established in 2008 under the leadership of Fareed Ahmad Hibat. It serves the people in societal matters.
Contact No: 0799007013
 4-        Women Mental Development Institute:
Founded in 2007, the Women Mental Development Institute is headed by Zainab Ahmadi since its establishment.
The institute is focusing on education, culture and social affairs of women folk.
Contact No: 0798181063
5-         Hiwad Adabi Marakah:
The Hiwad Adabi Marakah is founded in 2005 by Abdur Rahman Zwandi. Wadood Himat heads the Marakah.
The association strives to serves people in art and cultural sectors.
Contact No: 0795540077
 6-        Hamgan Education, Cultural and Social Association:
Hamgan education, Cultural and Social Association is founded in 2007 by Mohammad Humayun.
The association discharges its duties for the promotion of cultural and learning activities.
Contact No: 0794355973 - 0703406400
7-         Pir Roshan Cultural and Art Center:
Founded in 2008, Pir Roshan Art and Cultural Center was heading by Mohammad Aslam Dadman when it was established. Currently, Lal Mohammad Bahar heads the center.
The promotion of cultural and art is main objective of Pir Roshan center.
Contact No: 0799593336
 8-        Farah Cultural Center:
Founded in 2008 under the leadership of Mirwais Bidal Akbari, the center strives to serves for the development of culture, education and language learning in particular the English language.
Contact No: 0799597988
9-         Tawhid Education and Cultural Center: ( branch of Jamiat-a-Islah in Farah province)
Founded in 2004 by Mohammad Ibrihim Khalil, the center aims to work for promotion of religious education besides promoting cultural and education activities in society.
Contact No: 0795941875
10-       Najam Muslim Youth Organization:
The Najam Muslim Youth Organization is founded in 2011 in Farah province. It is headed by Abdur Rahman Zaeem aiming to explore opportunities for youth in sports, culture and education sector.
Contct No: 0799601859
11-       Sister Movement Institute:
The Sister Movement Institute is founded in 2008 in the leadership of Jamilah Ameeni. The institute advocating for greater women rights in the province.
Contact No: 0797746518
12-       Journalists Union of Farah Province:
Founded in 2009, the union is headed by Sayd Ihsanullah Ameen. The union is established to defend the rights of journalist and promote the profession of journalism by extending related programs.
Currently, Abdur Rahman Zwandi heads the union.
Contact No: 0799590285 
 13-      Zinat-ul-Quran cultural and Education Center:
The Zinat-ul-Quran center is founded in 2009 by Aziz Ahmad Tahiri in Farah province. It serves the people in learning and cultural field.
Contact No: 0790640740
14-       Farmers Union:
The Farmers Union is established by Lal Mohammad Bahari in 1983. The union serves to facilitate the farmers’ community through economic assistance and agriculture development from different government and non-government organization.
Contact No: 0799593336 
15-       Faradata Movie and Theater Union:
Founded by Mohammad Anwar Ramish in 2004, the union is working to reinvigorate movie and theater sector in the province.
Contact No: 0796312991
 16-      Municipality Education, Specialization and Consultative Body.
Founded in 2011, the Municipality Education Specialization and Consultative Body comprised scholarly personalities, which is headed by Fareed Ahmad Hibat.
It strives to facilitate city municipality through their scholarly views and advises.
Contact No: 0799007013
17-       City Councils of Farah Province:
The City Councils of Farah Province is founded in 2008 by businessman, shopkeepers and money exchangers.
The council is working for the protection of businessmen, shopkeepers and money exchanger’s rights.
The council has no particular leader.
Contact No: 0799244278
Certain organizations are exempted from the above list such as councils of rural development, tribal councils based on provinces and localities.
Similarly, the cultural councils of youth founded on behalf of provincial information and cultural department on district level since two years, are also excluded from the list.
The human right council doesn’t have branch in Farah province; however, the civil society network in Farah province is acting as representative body of human rights commission in Farah province since 2005.