1. Faryad Radio:

Faryad Radio was established by Khalil Amiri in 2011. The radio has two employees and covers around 72-kilometers area.
Contact: 0700666696-0798045050
Email: radiofaryad@yahoo.com

  1. Oshka:

The print media outlet Oshka was established by culturists and poets association in 2009. The outlet is headed by Ahmad Shah Fitrat, which has 10 employees.
Contact: 0799625166
Email: fetrat_shah@yahoo.com

  1. Faradata Magazine:

The magazine is being published by the provincial governor’s office and headed by Ghulam Mukhtar Rahib.
Contact: 0799415284
Email: fara_govermorship@yahoo.com

  1. Hamagan Magazine:

The bimonthly Hamagan Magazine was established by Hamagan Cultural Association in 2008. Mohammad Humayun is its chief editor, which is being circulated in Herat and a number of other provinces. The outlet has 14 employees.
Contact: 0703406400 – 0794355973
Email: humayoonzahin@yahoo.com

  1. Systan Magazine:

The magazine was established by the provincial information and culture department in 1947. Mohammad Juma is its chief editor and the magazine has five employees.
Contact: 0797181788

  1. National Radio and TV:  

National Radio and TV has only five hours broadcasts. Besides provincial capital, it also covers Pusht Road, Balabluk, Khak-i-Safid, Bakwa and Shibko districts. The National Radio has 18 hours broadcasts including its local programs from 8: 00 am to 12:00 pm. It covers around 70-kilometers area. It is headed by Mohammad Hashim Omari.
Contact: 0797291026

  1. Oswa:

Oswa is a print media outlet being published by Jamiat-i-Islah Association in 2007. Oswa is headed by Mohammad Ibrahim Khalil.
Contacts: 0799601859 – 0795941875
Email: oswa.farah@yahoo.com

  1. Azanga:

The print outlet was established by Peer Roshan Cultural Association in 2013. It is headed by Khoshhal Zaland and has 11 employees.
Contact: 0798274112
Email: khushhal.zaland@gmail.com

  1. Farah Sport:

The print outlet was established by provincial sports department in 2011. It is headed by Abdul Rahman Zayeem.
Contact: 0795941875
Email: ssa.farah@gmail.com

  1.  Pasoon:

Pasoon is also among the print media, which was established by Farah Students’ Association in Herat University. It is headed by Azizullah Basharat.
Contact: 0799461942
Email: azizullahbasharat@yahoo.com

  1.  Farah Ghag:

The print media outlet was established by Farah provincial council in 2011. Farah Ghag is headed by Mohammad Humayun Zaheen. Shahla Abubakr is its chief editor and it has a seven employees.
Contact: 0794313124