MAIMANA (PAN): Faryab local authorities said slow-paced construction work on some projects was a matter of concern for the people of the province despite the fact that reconstruction of some projects including dams and roads had been implemented.
Faryab Governor Mohammadullah Batash said extension of Turkmenistan electricity line to Maimana city and some other districts were among important projects, which helped benefited thousands of families.
The buildings of governor office, justice department, chamber of commerce and obstetrics -gynecology unit have been constructed and the building of provincial hospital is underway, he added.
Most of roads were asphalted but much more was needed to be done, he said, adding that pavement of 30-kilometres road would be started by the ministry of public welfare in the near future.
More than 100 kilometres road toward Kohistan district had been surveyed and construction work would be started soon, he promised.
Faryab had 700 projects including National Solidarity Programs and Ring Road from Qaisar district to Bala Murghab district of Badghis province, which is of immense importance, he added. Construction work on the road got suspended for years but now it has restarted, the governor said.
Construction of Almar Dam was also suspended but it had now restarted since last three months. Around 70% of its work is done by a Tajikistani Company and the rest was being implemented by a domestic company, he added.
Local authority said Almar Dam would be built at the cost of $54 million, which would help irrigate 30,000 hectare land.
Mohammad Saleh, the governor of Almar district said, “We are not satisfied with the pace of Almar Dam construction. The Ministry of Water and Energy should come forward to resolve the problems for early construction of the vital project.”
Noor Mohammad, a local elder said minister of Water and Energy promised to start the construction work on vital dams.
“Most of Almar people are associated with the occupation of agriculture. Almar has vast fertile lands but they face lack of irrigation water. Almar Dam should be built without further delay to resolve the problem of irrigation and help develop agriculture sector,” he urged.
Faryab governor said survey for construction of 75 kilometres road of Bilcharagh and Gurziwan districts and 34 kilometres road of Maiman- Khaja and Musa-Pashtun kot district had also been completed and the construction work would be launched soon. The projects are funded by the development budget of the Public Welfare Ministry.  
He said two dams would be built in Kohistan district, adding Indian engineers had arrived in Faryab to start work on the projects which were being funded by the World Bank. The projects will provide hundreds of hectare land with irrigation water.
He went on to say around 13 reconstruction projects had been suspended or building process was moving with a slow-pace.
Referring to ministries of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Public Welfare and Encounter Narcotics, he said as many as eight buildings of Faryab districts had been constructed while the rest six districts were without proper buildings.
Mohamma Sadiq Lawlashi, member of Faryab Provincial Council said incomplete work of vital projects was the main challenges in the way of reconstruction process.
There are many projects such as sport stadium, maternity hospital and water supply of Maimana city, which should have been completed in two years but now it is five years that they could not be completed so far.
“The projects are contracted in the center without informing Faryab people and also the construction companies are not willing to work on the projects,” he added.
The member who hails from Kohistan district says: “Bumpy roads are the main problems of the people. The snowfall has left the Terband-Turkistan road blockade.
Lawlashi said that Turkistan Roads would remain blockade until May 5th and the people could not travel to Sar-i- Pul and Badghis provinces.
He said long drought affected people considerably and prices of seven Kilograms flour had reached to 200 afghanis.
“Construction and pavement of road is among the basic needs of the people but still there is no sign of construction in the district,” he added.  
Faryab shares border with Turkmenistan while its 36 kilometres Ankhoy Road had been paved.
Azim Misgar, chairman of Chamber of Commerce of Ankhoy said the road from Andkhoy district to Aqina Port was unpaved but now it had been graveled and opened for commercial activities.
The cost of the project is $22 million and the financial assistance was extended by the Islamic Development Bank, which was being implemented by the Public Welfare Ministry.
He said lack of warehouse, shortage of drinking water and unpaved Aqina Port were among major problems of the people. He demanded the government should extend all out support to resolve trade related problems of the people without further delay.