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Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 11:00

Majority of Faryab people have expressed resolve to take part in elections but demanded measures should be taken to reverse the growing insecurity and trend of unemployment in the province.
Faryab comprised 14 districts and located 800- kilometers north of Kabul. The province has 15 provincial council seats with four are reserved for females.
As many as 70 % area of Ghormach district, separated from Badghis Province, added to Faryab, which was controlled by Taliban.
Almar, Qaisar, Pashtunkot and Dawlat Abad are among the districts experiencing flagrant insecurity, which was a constant source of concerns for the people.
The Pajhwok Afghan News conducted interviews with some of Faryab residents in some districts and Maimana city in an apparent attempt to know about their view point in line with the upcoming elections.
A university Student:  I will participate in the elections even at the cost of my life:
Shehrzad Hikmati, a resident of Gorziwan district and student of Law and Political Sciences at Reshad Higher Education Institute said he would participate in the 2014 presidential elections to vote in favor of his choice contender.
However, he expressed his concerns by saying that the current state of insecurity and hollow promises of candidates before the elections were major problems that should be resolved.
“I have experiences from the previous elections  in which casting vote resulted in cutting of finger and beheading. But despite that, I will take part in the polls even if I lose my life,” he vowed.
He said he had concern over the transparency of the election because outsiders used to interfere in the ballots it had happened in the previous elections.
Ballot papers were manipulated which was a clear sign of rigging and interference, he said, adding that elections should be conducted at every cost.
A school student: Insecurity a big hurdle for people to cast their vote.
Amina Mukhlis Zadah, a resident of the first district of Maiman city and a student of Kohi Khana Naswan High School said she would vote for the candidate who worked diligently to ensure social justice, promote education, empower society and stability of Afghanistan.
The main problem of Faryab was rising trend of insecurity, clashes between rebels and government, explosions, suicide attacks, assassination of leading individuals, presence of anti-social and state elements in the Maimana city, she added.
Mukhlis Zada went on to say in case of increase of insecurity in the area, people would not go to polling stations to cast their votes, adding in such a condition election would be illegitimate.
“I was thinking to contest the provincial council elections in order to address the issues of insecurity, social justice, education but the law prohibited me to contest,” she added.
She expressed satisfaction over implementation of public benefit projects; ensure provision of electricity and construction of school buildings during the last decade in Faryab. “Those projects are inadequate and much less as compared to the assistance poured in by the international community. I demand the next president to pay more attention to national unity, achievement of interests of the country and provision of security,” she added.
Nomad: I will vote in favor of a candidate who helps resolve problems of farmers and nomads.
Jannat Gul, a resident of Shor Darya area of Dawlat district said before toppling of Taliban’s government, he was living in Herat Refugee Camps but after the new government took power, he returned to his hometown and was busy breeding livestock.
During the past decade, livestock has developed, living standard of nomads have considerably changed but the recent drought and insecurity have caused considerable damage to their belongings, forcing them to leave the country.
“Dawlat Abad district has turned into an insecure area due to clashes between Taliban and security forces. Rampant insecurity forced us to migrate to safer places,” he said.
He went on to say he was looking forward to presidential elections and security situation to move on right track. In case of worsening security condition they would be compelled to sell their livestock and choose a safe area of the country for his family. He said in case of assurance of security he would vote for the candidate who could ensure security and pay attention to livestock and agriculture.
Lack of pastures, education opportunity and health services are among the main problems he and the other nomads had been facing, he said, noting nomads had a representative in the provincial council but he hadn’t seen his face in the past four years.
Continuing, he said he would vote in favor of a candidate who could help his tribe to resolve their problems.
Carpenter: We achieved good progress during the last ten years.
Saifullah, a resident of Maimana city said he had been associ8ated with the occupation of carpentry profession, which yielded good progress during the past years.
In the past, there was no electricity and machinery, forcing him to work with hand but now electricity run machine and other tools made his work easy. He was satisfied with security situation and demanded the government to take measures to make security tightened in some districts.
“I will take part in 2104 elections and vote for a candidate who is honest, patriotic, helps build roads, health clinics, schools and ensure security,” he remarked.
Principal of a High School: We are looking forward to take part in elections.
Mohammad Naeem Salehi 50, principal of Arab Khana High School and resident of third district of Maimana city said for the last 30 years, he dedicated his to serve the nation’s children for a better tomorrow.
All the schools were closed during Taliban regime but now with the arrival of elections system and support of international community, the doors of schools reopened for millions of students, which were good developments for the entire war-weary Afghan nation, he noted.
He said the upcoming election was good news for Afghans, adding he would vote for a candidate who had the capabilities to meet the challenges and problems being faced by the country and nation.
He said the Arab Khana High School had more than 3, 000 students and always reminded them of getting voting card to take part in the ballots in larger interests of the country.
He demanded the relevant quarters to adopt stringent measures to step up security and help people take part in the presidential elections in a fear-free environment.
Mother: We have no election office in our locality:
Khadijaa a resident of Khaja Musa locality of Pashtun kot district said she had come to Maimana to get the money order her sons had sent from Iran.
khadija 57, mother of four sons and five daughters said her husband and sons had been busy on farms in the district but went to Iran due to long drought, but they did not earn enough money in Iran because of inflation.
Referring to voter card and her participation in the upcoming elections, she said: “Seven members of my family have no voting cards. There is no election office in our area. If you come to Maimana, the travel will cost you 2, 000 afghanis.”
“During the previous elections, I voted for Dostum but in the second elections, the elders of the area collected the voting card from houses and I don’t know who they voted for on behalf of us,” she informed.
She said she wished to take part in the next year elections and vote for the candidate who could help gravel Khaja Musa- Maimana road, build health clinics, bring peace and create more job opportunities so that her sons could return to their own country. She said Taliban presence in the area should be uprooted otherwise militants would not allow elections to be held in free and independent way.
Shopkeeper: I will vote in favor of a candidate who can better serve the country.
Ghulam Hazrat 60, a shopkeeper in Maimana city said his city was good but it the surrounding areas of the city were experiencing insecurity.
“I will use the right to vote. I take part in elections and vote for the candidate who will be an honest person, ensure security, alleviate corruption and serve the country,” he added.
During the previous elections, he said the candidates had promised for provision of security, elimination of corruption and development of the country and the people were optimistic but unfortunately they did not fulfill their promises.
Security had been deteriorated, corruption graph level heightened and poverty and unemployment had been increasing, he said, urging the people not to vote for those who deceived voters on hollow promises.
A footpath vendor: I will vote for the candidate who brings peace and security.
Dost Mohammad, a resident of Maimana city and a street vendor he wished greater peace in Afghanistan.
He did not happy over his daily income but said he was earning something to feed his family, adding that income of the people was not that much satisfactory.
He said he would take part in elections and vote for the candidate who could serve the country better and ensure peace and tranquility elsewhere in Afghanistan.
“I have received voting card and advised others to get voting cards so that they can take part in the elections and building future of the country. I urge others to vote in favor of a contender who is a committed person to serve the country and nation,” he added.