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Tuesday, October 29, 2013 - 14:00

CHAGHCHARAN (PAN): The residents of Ghor province say they are even deprived of basic necessities of life and facing multi-faceted problems. 
The dilapidated condition of roads with special reference Ghor- Herat and Ghor-Bamyan highways, nonexistence of electricity, limited health facilities and influence of war lords in the province have made lives of the people miserable, he added.
Mulla Abdul Karim, a resident of Chaghcharan told Pajhwok Afghan News the existence of problems in the province made everyone confused.
He went on to say presence of lord was the major problem in the province who were exercising their power on the poor masses and creating hurdles in rehabilitation and development projects.
He said war lords were influential in the provincial government administration and districts and run the government machinery for their personal advantage.
He informed armed groups were collecting Zakat and Ushar from people he said, adding residents of the province were trapped among dacoits, Taliban and the government.
Ghulam Yahya, a student and resident of Ghor highways were also uneven, which caused passenger lives and other major accidents.
People could not commute on the highways due to heavy snowfall in winter while in summer gust and mud put the passenger vehicles in immense trouble.
He said authorities had promised construction of roads time and again but they could not honor their promise, adding province had not even a single kilometre graveled road.
Another resident from Tiawari district said people were facing foods and medicines shortage during winter where roads remain blocked for months due to snowfall in the province.
Residents had been forced to use animal for travelling and shifting their patients to hospitals with most of them died on their way to medical centres, he added.
Moreover, prices of commodities witnessed record surge in winter due to lack of supply because of roads closure, he remarked.
Ibrahim, a resident of Tiwari district said education sector was facing multi-dimensional problems, adding the vital field was facing lack of infrastructure, professional teachers and textbooks.
In addition, the province was facing lack of vocational institutes.
“I am an eye witness of a delegation who visited our school and promised the construction of building at a time when I was the student of second class. I am now studying in 12th class but the promised building of the same school is yet to be constructed,” he lamented.
Taliban had been creating hurdles in the way of education--- a matter of grave concern--- which should be checked.
Sayyed Khan, a resident of provincial capital said nonexistence of electricity was yet another major problem being faced by the education sector.
He told Pajhwok Afghan News that supply of electricity would resolve several problems, saying that industrial sector was in dire need of energy supply.
He went on to say people could not carry valuable assets with themselves including gold and money while traveling on highways because of insecurity.
The residents of Charsadi districts complained about the worsening law and order situation in the province with Abdul Hai, a resident of the district said Taliban had in control of the area.
He demanded the government to take stringent measure to improve security and law and order throughout the province.