QALAT (PAN): Officials and residents of Zabul have conflicting views regarding the implementation of development projects in the province.
Officials said rehabilitation projects were implemented in different parts of the province while residents of the province categorically rejected the officials’ view point.   
The residents said development projects could not be extended to far-flung areas of the province. But officials said completion of various projects brought visible changes in the lives of the people.
Mohmmad Jan RasulYar, Zabul assistant governor said the construction work on several ring roads were near to completion, which would help connect far-flung districts with the provincial capital.
He went on to say the Shah joy and Shari Safa districts were connected with the provincial capital through Kabul-Kandahar highway, adding that travelling problems of the residents were resolved to great extent.
He informed construction work on Qalat- Shinky road had already kicked off with major portion of the construction had been completed.
He admitted heavy presence of anti-state elements were the biggest hurdles hampering development projects and infrastructure in the province.
He vowed to complete the construction of roads despite problems.
He said different NGOs and local institutions were part of the rehabilitation of Qalat city, which included the construction of roads, bridges, footpaths, dug-wells and sanitation process. 
He said the second grade developed sector should be given more attention, which would help develop the infrastructure of provincial government. He said multiple buildings have constructed for government departments, which helped resolve a big problem.
Rasuli said the construction of five provincial government departments was left while others had been completed, adding the construction of a power dam would provide electricity to thousands of families in Qalat city.
He said several projects had been completed or close to completion in agriculture sector, which would address problems of the farms community.
Dr. Lal Mohammad Tokhi, head of provincial health department said his sector witnessed greater development, admitting most the health sector problems had now been resolved.
He told Pajhwok Afghan News six more buildings had been constructed for hospitals in different districts of the province, adding hundreds of health workers were trained in health services.
Zabul health department officials said education sector witnessed greater achievements during the last decade.
Rahimullah Lodin, head of education department said infrastructure including buildings for education departments and 50 schools had been completed while in some areas the construction work was in progress.
Abdul Rahim, director provincial village and ruler development planning said multiple rehabilitation projects were underway with the involvement of his department.
He said other projects of different nature had been completed such as the construction of roads, canals and other large scale projects in central Qalat, Shari Safa, and Shajoy districts with the help of National Solidarity Program.
Residents of Zabul province admitted though several rehabilitation projects had been implemented but the work done in the development sector did not match the public were expecting.
Mohammad Yousuf, a resident of Daichopan district criticized the provincial government for diverting the rehabilitation and spending the funds on government infrastructure, stressing on the construction of dams, electricity generation projects.
Abdul Jalil, a resident of Qalat city while expressing dissatisfaction over the ongoing rehabilitation said the quality of rehabilitation work was not up to the mark despite heavy investment.
He blamed low quality materials were used in construction of roads and other projects constructed elsewhere in the province.
Alhaj Hamidullah, a tribal elder of Zabul acknowledged positive changes were brought to the province by implementing rehabilitation projects, demanding the government to implement large scale projects in the province.
He told Pajhwok Afghan News the construction of bridge and other small projects could help resolve problems of people.
Zabul offers excellent environment for hectic agriculture related activities and the government should adopt measures to provide level playing field for the farmers’ community to improve their economy and life standard.