MAHMOOD RAQI (PAN): Officials express optimism by saying that development activities are going ahead with some sectors in central Kapisa province witnessed enormous development.
Governor Gen. Mihrabudin Sapai told Pajhwok Afghan News that projects worth $96 million have been implemented in education, agriculture, and health sectors with some roads have also been constructed.
Noting with satisfaction, he said that construction work on as many as 50 small water dams are underway, which would help resolve multi-dimensional problems of the residents.
Education Director Abdul Zahoor Hakimi said his department has initiated construction of buildings of around ten schools with three of them in Nijrab district at the start of Afghan calendar year.
Giving overall estimate, he said that construction work on three school buildings and a technical institute is underway in Kohband district, expressing hope that the projects would start function soon. He went on to say that the completion of the project would tackle problems being faced by the students.
Referring to schools without buildings, he said that figure shows that around one hundred schools have no buildings forcing the students to get education under the open sky.
Director Public Health Dr. Mirza Mohammad Raja said that healthcare services are available as per needs of the people elsewhere in the province.
Over the last few months, construction work on a 50- bed hospital is underway in Nijrab district, he said, adding that health staff elsewhere in the province is striving to ensure provision of healthcare services in all districts.
Admitting some serious dereliction in provision of health services by Deh Ali Baba Hospital, Mohammad says: “Hundreds of patients visit the hospital daily but the hospital has lack of capacity to serve the people. There is dire need for the hospital to be upgraded.”
Raja informed that the government has plans to build a huge hospital in Tagab district to minimize the problems of the patients, adding that provision of similar health facilities in rest of districts would overcome people’s problems.
Ahmad Shafi, a resident of Mahmood Raqi said their problems are multiplied because of absence of advanced water channels and paved roads.
Wakil, a tribal elder from Tagab district complains that the province got ample financial assistance but the amount could not be fairly spent on the direly needed projects. He went on to say that most of the projects developed serious damages due to use of low quality materials.
He admitted that many buildings have been constructed for schools and hospitals, adding, however that some development projects are left incomplete.
Dawood, a resident of Kohband district complains that his area neither saw completion of any development project nor the road of his town could be constructed.