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Sunday, July 21, 2013 - 13:30

Herat (PAN): Complaining of growing insecurity, bad governance, poor health facilities, and outdated agriculture system, the residents of Herat Province demand of the government and the international community to take immediate measures to ameliorate the situations.
Noor Mohammad, a resident of Shindand District said that insecurity haunts the people of his area and no one is feeling safe. He said that the root cause of all problems is insecurity, which needs to be improved.
Mohammad Akbar, a resident of Gulran District said that poor health facilities is another big problem, adding that there was outbreak of a disease, which could not be controlled so far. He said that there is dire need of a separate hospital to be established in an attempt to diagnose and treat life threatening diseases.
He said that a disease widely known as Gulran noticed since the regime of Sardar Doud Khan. He said that the disease breaks out from plants during draught, which prompted the World Food Programme to quarantine the Gulran wheat.
Kiramuddin Noorzai, a resident of Ghurian District said that another matter of concern is that youth of his district is going to be addicted to narcotics.
He went on to say that the youth themselves fall prey to use narcotics when the smugglers task them to smuggle their narcotics to Iran, adding that the authorities should take practical steps to control the spread of drug addiction.