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Monday, October 21, 2013 - 10:45

SHIBERGHAN (PAN): Residents of Jawzjan province said they would participate in the upcoming elections but the government should first help bolster security, ensure drinking and irrigation water and create more job opportunities.
Having ten districts, Jawzjan is located 555 kilometres north of Kabul. The province has nine provincial council seats including two for women but in previous elections, women had three reserved seats.
Darzab and Qushtepah are among insecure districts of the province, which residents could not participate in the previous elections.
Following report is prepared based on interviews with residents of Shiberghan city and few districts.
Member of provincial council: Little seats have been allocated for women in the coming provincial election.
Firoza Quraishi 26, member of the provincial council said she won previous provincial elections twice but she was pessimistic regarding women participation in the upcoming elections.
She said positive changes had been observed regarding women life as compared to the past, adding but the level of insecurity had increased.
She said a large number of women probably would not participate in the elections due to insecurity, adding the matter of concern was that one women seat had been cut for the upcoming elections.
She said lack of security in many parts of Jawzjan had restricted canvassing for provincial council activities and as they could not participate in gathering of their constituencies in far-flung localities. “Rebels use every tactics to bar women from taking parts in the elections,” she informed.
Expressing concern over the government role to put things on right track, she said the government had not been able to help resolve people’s long-standing demands.
A farmer:  I will vote in favour of candidate who helps resolve issue of drinking and irrigation water.
Fazlur Rahman, a resident of Ogum village of Khanaqah district said the main problem people of his locality was confronted with, was the issue of safe drinking and irrigation water, electricity, education and healthcare services.
He would vote for the candidate who had the ability to resolve problems of people not only in Jawzjan but all over the country, adding Jawzjan was an agricultural province and a large number of people were associated with the occupation of agricultural.
“If agriculture related problems of the people are resolved then people will be encouraged to take active part in the elections,” he added.
He said the government had not done remarkable work for the improvement of agriculture, electric energy and implementation of income generation projects. He went on to say did no trust on government because their problems were left unsettled. During the last five years, only four kilometers roads had been graveled and one tube well had been installed while the people were in dire need of dams, asphalted roads and construction of schools and clinics.
Law student: Majority of the people may not be capable to participate in elections.
Farida Amini, the student of law faculty of Amir Shir Ali Nawayee Higher Education Institute said she would vote for the candidate who could strive for the welfare of the people. “The main problem is insecurity and majority of people many not participate in elections due to insecurity,” she added.
The second problem of her area is shortage of irrigation and potable water, she added.
Referring to previous elections, which could not be held in her area, she said the upcoming elections would not be held because of growing lawlessness and insecurity. She said she would vote in favour of a candidate who could help bolster security and did not have in connivance who was involved in anti-state and activities.