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Monday, October 21, 2013 - 10:45

SHIBERGHAN (PAN): Jawzjan people demanded authorities to ensure write of the government and rule of law, eliminate unemployment and accelerate rehabilitation of the vital agriculture sector.
They urged the government should extend all out cooperation to provide the residents with drinking and irrigation water.
The solution to the problems being faced by the residents would help bridge the gap between the government and people, they added.
Abdul Hai Hayat, head of Jawzjan provincial council said long-standing problem of energy shortage could be resolved by exploration of natural gas in the province. They said the current security situations were good as compared to the past.
Large scale developmental projects and continued flow of investment helped remove unemployment and poverty, he said, adding establishment of rule of law was the major demand of the people including initiating big development projects to facilitate the masses.
Firoza, Quraishi, member of provincial council said peace was gradually returning to the province with creation of more employment opportunities for the people.
She said basic demands of people were yet to be addressed, adding militants had still strong presence in some villages. People do not have jobs and the province is far away from self-economic reliance, she added.
“Majority of our manpower migrate abroad to earn livelihood because we have unemployment in our country,” she added.
Fakhria, a resident of Shiberghan city demanded creation of job opportunities and a fair share for women in all walks of life.
She said violence against women was still rampant in the society as forced marriages and other cases against women continued without any check.
She demanded the authorities to adopt strict measures and punish those who harassed women or involved in violence against women.
She said women had greater role to play socially, economically and political in larger interest of the country.
Khaliq Dad, a disable man who lost his leg and eye in an explosion said he had been unemployed for years and the government did not extend any help.
“Despite my qualification and rich experience in military services, I am deprived of a suitable job,” he added.
Akbar, a farmer complained the government did not introduce measure to develop the vital agriculture sector in t Jawzjan.
He demanded the government should ensure provision of irrigation water and construct big water reservoirs in the province.
“Lack of warehouses and cold storages facilities inflict heavy losses on farmers’ community as they do not keep their crops safe,” he complained.
Alhaj Fida Mohammad, a landlord from Jawzjan said available water resources could better be restored by building water dams, which would help boost agricultural activities in the province.
He said agriculture was the main source of Jawzjan economy, which was needed to be developed to strength provincial as well as national economy.
Mohammad Khan, member of Jawzjan Journalist Society said rule of law, quality education, developed agriculture and irrigation system and construction of dams were big problems people of Jawzjan were confronted with.
He complained government did not take any steps to tackle the issue of drinking water for the last ten years despite repeated demands by the residents.
Awraz Gildi, a resident of Rehmat Abad village in Shiberghan city said his villagers arranged on their own to get drinking water supply from Jangl Bagh area, which had 15 kilometres distance from his village.
“Only 500,000 people out of a total 800,000 population of Jawzjan have access to clean drinking water,” officials said. 
Residents demanded the government to introduce steps to resolve their problems without further delay.