SHEBIRGHAN (PAN): Security officials of Jawzjan province say security situation has now improved considerably as compared to the past and all roads are opened with the exception of some in far-flung localities.
Eng. Abdur Rahman, deputy of Jawzjan says insurgents are weak and the security forces are getting professionals.
He said local police had brought great changes in safeguarding Darzab and Qushtepah districts. People feel safe and job opportunities have been created in areas where security has improved.
He said the second phase of National Solidarity Program along with proposals of projects had been started by local district development. 
He says Darzab and Qoshtepa districts are facing insecurity while the rests eight districts are secure and stable.
Boriby, a resident of Darzab district says insecurity and law and order have forced families to leave their houses for foreign countries.
“There is no coordination between the government and people, which left negative impact on the entire social life,” said Boriby.
He says the district is not suitable for implementation of development projects because the development money tends to go into the pockets of influential and officials.
Colonel Faqir Mohammad Jawzjan, Jawzjan police chief says security has become better during the last two years.
He told Pajhwok Afghan News Qushtepah and Darzab districts had been supplied by air two years ago but supplies had now been provided through land. He acknowledged the districts were under insurgents control two years back.
Local police have been deployed in two districts and writ of the government has established.
He says insurgents are now weak and have no ability to confront the security forces, adding however, the armed groups carry out guerrilla small scale attacks and then melt down towards mountainous regions.
Colonel Abdul Malik Mamnon, head of criminal investigations of security police said Jawzjand crime levels had dropped to great extent.
He said the causes of lowering crimes ratio was the result of expansion of police activities and cooperation of locals with the security forces.
However, people said security in most parts of the region was not satisfactory.
Maulvi Abdul Hai Hayat, head of provincial council says roads leading to districts are insecure and the people face immense problems while travelling on the roads.
He demands the government to bolster security in order to help people live in a peaceful environment.
Firoza Quraishi, member of provincial council says no development projects can be initiated because of insecurity. 
The improvement of security and bringing the crime ratio down, greater coordination between government and people is mandatory.
Ms Quraishi says some elements in the local police forces cooperate with insurgents during nights while in the day they return to their security checkpoints.
“More efforts and strict measures are needed to be taken in an attempt to stabilize law and order and improve security. Mechanism should be worked out for greater coordination between the security forces and people,” she added.
Mohammad Gul, a resident of Mangjic district said that “residents of the district have concerns about insecurity and they return to their houses before it gets dark.”
Referring to relatively secure areas, he says the government has not control over a five kilometers area even, adding that insurgents roam freely without any fear.
He said armed rebels mostly planted landmines on highways which caused civilian casualties most of the time.
Mohammad Bakhshi, a university student and resident of Shiberghan says security has improved but measures are looking temporary, adding crime ratio has seen surge in the city.
Two employees of Red Crescent have been killed by armed men and two others sustained injuries, he added.
 Jawzjan police chief acknowledged security problems existed across the country but it did not mean the province was completely insecure.
He works hard for building the capacity of national police, and also the re-enforcement of local police which yields positive results in terms of improvement in security, he added.
“I will leave no stone unturned to bolster security for the people so that they can lead a peaceful life,” he added.  
He underlined the need by saying greater cooperation was needed between the people and the security forces, urging people should inform the police about any saboteur activity by insurgents.