Kapisa (PAN): Kapisa security officials said security in the province has improved with criminal activities witnessed decline as compared to the outgoing year.    
Kapisa Governor Gen. Mehrabuddin said security is stabilized amid hectic efforts by the security forces as compared to the previous year. With the exception of Alasai and Taghab districts, people in the entire Kapisa live a comfortable life, he said, adding a total of 600 policemen are deployed in Taghab and Najrab districts to maintain security to reverse momentum of the anti-state elements.
“Plans are under consideration to deploy 300 local police forces each in Taghab and Alasai districts following demand by the people of the restive districts,” he added.
Kapisa Governor said around 1, 000 local policemen discharge their duties in the province who admitted last year the Taliban had influence in Taghab and Najrab but their activities have now been contained.
Khawja Faqir Ahmad Saddiqui, commander Kapisa security forces reiterated order has been restored throughout Kapisa except Taghab and Alasai districts. He said criminal activities are reduced after the deployment of local police force. Resident said earlier the Taliban have their influence in some districts but now they are flushed out from most of the parts.
A resident of Kapisa while expressing satisfaction over the improved security said law and order in the province are now improved to great extent.
Lal Gul, a resident of Kapisa said last year some explosions took place in his locality but no such incident took place the current year because of either arresting or flushing out most of the militants.
“The armed groups opposing the government have now left the area. There was time when armed Taliban roam on roads but now they either left the area or lost their strength and influence,” said Haji Janan Agha, a resident of Shokhi locality of Kapisa.
However, a number of Taghab and Alasai residents said government has strong writ in Kapisa except Taghab district where anti-state elements have greater influence.
They underlined the need for the deployment of more local police force to strengthen order and security in the two volatile districts.