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Sunday, August 4, 2013 - 12:30

Mahmud-i-Raqi (PAN): People of Kapisa demand the government to create job opportunities and bolster security in restive Taghab and Alasai districts.   
Having five administrative units, Kapisa is located 120 kilometers toward north of Kabul.
Khan Mohammad, a local and an employee of agriculture department noted administrative corruption is one of the main problems being confronted by the people.
Because of administrative corruption, which encourages insecurity, his brother among ten other candidates could not find jobs.
Referring to his role in the upcoming elections, he said he would strive to convince others to take part in the ballots so that the country could get an excellent president who should provide the nation with enhanced security, create job opportunities and eradicate corruption.
An uneducated woman: nation should select a competent president  
An uneducated woman said the nation should select a president who can better serve the masses amid multiple challenges.
Shafiqa, mother of seven and resident of volatile Taghab district said her financial position reached to lowest level. Earlier, she said her sons were working on different projects and earned livelihood, adding but now jobs are being awarded on nepotism basis where poor could not secure any job opportunity. “I will play my due role in elections if government maintains order and security of the voters. I will vote for a candidate who can serve the masses,” she added.
She demand the upcoming president should reconcile with militants or flush them out of the country because civilians are the target of the whole fight.
A nurse: she is economically sound with 200, 000 Afs monthly income  
Nazoon, a nurse and resident of Taghab district who discharges her medical services in Taghab and Alasai districts since ten years. She said she is economically stable with a monthly income of 200,000 Afs. She said her kids go to schools, which is a source of encouragement for other parents to get their children educated.
“I will definitely, participate in the elections. But at the same time, I am sure a particular person will become our president whom foreigners want. Anyhow, I want our upcoming president to shift his/ her full focus to maintain security.”
Villager: Schools and health clinics should be given attention  
Khobana, a resident of Nijrab district said her economic condition is improved considerably. Her locality has now schools for boys and girls, but more schools need to be constructed.
Health clinics and care centers with female staff are needed in the locality so that lives of mother and child can be saved, she added.
“I will take part in elections. But I will vote for a person whose priority is building schools, health clinics and security.
Driver: Security needs to be bolstered
Sadiq 27, driver and resident of Kohband district who ply his car on Kapisa- Kabul highway said lives of people of his area are considerably changed and improved. Overall situation are changed toward betterment with most of the children go to schools and universities.
“No matter who is coming to become president but the upcoming president should strive hard to maintain security. There are armed robbers roam on the main highways and commuters travel with a sense of fear,” he told Pajhwok Afghan News.
Farmer: Agriculture facilities are direly needed to be extended
Shah Mahmood, a resident of second Kohistan said pledges made by the government to improve the vital agriculture sector could not be fulfilled. He said the next president should take serious measures to extend every possible help to farmer community in terms of providing fertilizers, refined seeds, preventing crops’ diseases and facilitating the irrigation area. The sole source of income and main profession of people is agriculture.
“I will vote in favour of a candidate whose top priority is to resolve problems of farmers.”
A worker in Emirates: Ground is not paved in Afghanistan for investment  
Shahpur 38, a resident of Kapisa who currently works in Dubai said, ground in Afghanistan is not paved for investment because of instability. The government could not control a handful of warlords and failed to materialize its promises. People are much worried about their future and if they do not agree to select their president then fight would resume, he added.
University employee: We want our next president to demonstrate commitment to secure national interests  
Atiqullah, an employee at Al Bairuni University said the nation should select its next president who is a person of character and integrity and to maintain unity amongst tribes. He said the nation needs a person to head the country toward right direction and differentiate between foes and friends.
“Much has been done during President Karzai tenure but the country needs much more to do. I will vote in favour of a person who has excellent local and international contacts and is committed to serve national interests.”
“If the upcoming president wants to be remembered in history then he should form a cabinet with representation of dedicated persons. The president and his cabinet should be aware of people’s problems,” he concluded.