QALAT (PAN): Zabul residents said the province was experiencing lawlessness and poor security with most of the militants were infiltrating from the other side of the border.
“There is no security problems during the winter season but law and order gets deteriorate as the weather gets warmer. The banning of riding of motorbikes by the government helped control Taliban activities to great extend but the province sometime witnesses sporadic attacks,” the residents added.
Zabul shares border with Ghazni, Kandahar, Paktika and Aurozgan provinces. The province has border on the Durand Line with Shamalzo district from where insurgents are infiltrating.  
He said militants were planting mines on Kabul-Kandahar highway and attacking check posts along the road, inflicting casualties on civilians.
Gulab Khan, a resident of Shah Joy district said security incidents surged with most of the victims were civilians. The surge in the violence was linked to the surge of local police in the area who most of the time came under attacks by the militants.  
The problem is that the when the government conducts massive anti-militants operations then the area is left without stabilizing security, where the Taliban stage their comeback again. The withdrawal of foreign troops prompted the Taliban to launch attacks on a number of districts.
Sayed Mohammad, a resident of Now Bahar district said Taliban mounted several attacks to capture the district and the fighting lasted for hours. The foreign troops left the district and currently there are only Afghan forces that do not have air support.
Karimullah, a resident of provincial capital expressed his grave concern over the deteriorated security situation by saying explosions and suicide attacks were taking place in the area.
Habibullah, a driver who commute on the highway said: “We know the dangerous spots on the highway and try to escape roadside bombs.”
Provincial security officials said they inflected heavy damages on the Taliban and managed to maintain security in the area. Ghulam Sakhi Rogh Lewanai, provincial police chief said security had been improved recently in the province and they prevented many terror and other security incidents.
He said extended support and greater coordination amongst security forces and people helped bolstered security. He said clearance operations were going on in the area; inflicting heavy losses on the militants.