Pol-e-Alam :
Pol-e-Alam is the capital of Logar province. The district of Mohammad Agha lie to its north, Paktia province to its south, Khoshi district to its east and Maidan Wardat situated to its west while Baraki Barak and Sarkh districts lie to its southwest.
Pol-e-Alam is divided into five municipality districts while each municipality district has its own council.
Resident of Pol-e-Alam are mainly associate with the agriculture profession where they have vast orchards of apples and grasps.
Mohammad Agha:
Mohammad Agha district is located 30 kilometer to the north of Pol-e-Alam and Kabul- Gardez Highway. It has 134 villages and shares borders with Kabul and MaidanWardak provinces. The known Sukahab water dam is located in the district.
The region is rich in cultural activities with having the existence of Sultan Sahib Mountain, Zarghoon city, Shahi Kala and Moghal kahil.
It merits mention here that Mohammad Agha district is blessed with natural resources such as Aynak copper mine and range of Suleman Mountain, which is known as Black Mountain. Logar has vast mines reserves of precious stones.
Baraki Barak:
Baraki Barak district is located 14 kilometers southwest of Pol-e-Alam. It is one of the densely populated districts of the province having 133 small and large villages.
Baraki means weaving while in Hazara community Baraki is a known term for specially weaved cloth.
Baraki has the credit of having historical localities such as Sajawand and Baraki Rajan. Garombi water dam is located in the district, and its completion would help irrigate vast cultivable land.
Sarkh District:
Sarkh district is located 14 kilometers southwest of Pol-e-Alam district. It has 60 villages. The known Maulana Sarki Dam is located here; however, the construction work has been postponed since long.
Kharwar Distric:
The district is located 50 kilometers to the south of Pol-e-Alam. It shares borders with Paktia, Maidan Wardak and Ghazin provinces. It has 74 villages.
Kharwar and Kharmorgh are famous hunting zones and Kafirkoat is one of its historical sites.
Kafirkoat is an area in Kharwar from where an old city has been discovered. Historians found idols, appliances of gold, silver and stuccos from the site.
Historians say the ancient remnants belong to the Buddhists era (260 BC) and Koshans (165 BC).
Khoshi Districts:
Khoshi district is located 20 kilometers to the south east of Pol-e-Alam city. It has 67 villages. The construction work on the Abtak Dam is yet to be started.
Azrah District:
Azrah district is located 90 kilometers to the east of Pol-e-Alam city. Having 90 villages, the district shares borders with the Durand Line Paktia and Nangarha provinces in east. It is rough and mountainous area.