Logar Magazine:
Logar Magazine is one of the fast-growing print media. It is being published by Logar Department of Culture and Information on quarterly basis.
Melli Heeli:
The magazine is published monthly in Logar Province by the culturists of Logar Province.
Melli Ehsas:
Melli Ehsas is another monthly magazine being published from Logar Province. Known as one of the famous Magazine, thousands of its copies are being printed and then distributed elsewhere in Logar and other provinces.
Radio Itefaq:
Established in 2007 in Logar Province, Radio Itefaq is a widely known and trusted electronic media. The radio was established following financial assistance by foreign troops stationed in the province. Mohammad Khan is the director of the radio. It has six employees.
Contact No: 0793780593
Radio Isteqlal:
It is among the leading electronic media, which was established in Logar Province in 2003 by Nasrullah Stanikzai. It relays programmes for eight hours. The radio is also available on internet. Currently, four of its employees discharge their duties to run the radio’s affairs.
Contact No: 0799302097 – 0799547427
Meli Pegham:
Established in 2003 by Usman Tariq, it is among the leading radio stations of the country. Financially, it is backed by the internews, which is also available on internet. It has eight employees.
Contact No: 0798223229 – 0799472994
E-mail: Radio_ paygham@yahoo.com
Radio Zinat:
It is also a fast-growing radio in Logar, which was established in 2007 by Noorullah Stanikzi. Apart from Logar, it is also accessible in Paktya, Maidan Wardak, and Kabul Provinces. Currently, the radio has ten employees to run its affairs.
Contact No: 0788838838 – 0799347304
E-mail: Noorullah202000@gmail.com
Melli Radio:
It is a government- backed radio in Logar Province. It has more than ten workers.
Zwan Ghag Woneezah:
The magazine was being published by the youth of Logar. The weekly magazine was headed by Obaid Ormar. However, the magazine halted its publication since one year due to unknown reasons.