Pol-e-Alam (PAN): Logar authorities claim that implementation of various developments and reconstruction projects have helped developed the province.
For the last one decade, the province witnessed completion of some development projects, the officials said.
Logar Governor’s Spokesman Din Mohammad Darwish says: “Projects pertaining to agriculture, education, health and other sectors have been completed during the last decade in the province, which helped facilitate people of the area”.
He said the last decade saw completion of Kabul- Logar Highway and other roads linking districts to each other including Baraki Barak, Sarkh and Khoshi.
He went on to say that 119 bridges have also been constructed on the roads linking villages and rural areas to the capital. He noted that 600 kilometers fencing walls have been built alongside the roads.
He said the city itself witnessed construction of 15 kilometers roads with another 90% construction of infrastructure, which added to the color and beauty of the city.
New buildings for 12 clinics and health centers have been constructed elsewhere in the districts and the capital, adding that old buildings have also been repaired.
Different welfare related projects are underway including the construction of a gigantic NaibAmeenullah Khan Logari 300-bed hospital with $45 million cost for which the the financial assistance is extended by Pakistan.
He informed thatthe National Integration Program, around 610 kilometers in the province has been implementated in the backdrop of repeated demand by the people. He said that as many as 800 wells have been dug in the province, which helped resolve the drinking water shortage.
“Rehabilitation program in Logar Province are implemented including the completion of mining project of copper, Kabul- Pol-e-Alam’s second road and power generation projects, which will help create more job opportunities and improve the nascent economy,” Darwish added.
He admitted the implementation of rehabilitation projects in insecure areas is a difficult job to be done, adding however some projects are in progress with the extended help of tribal elders in dangerous parts of the province.
He said if some parts of the province have improved security then the government could have extended the rehabilitation projects to develop the infrastructure there.
Engineer Humayun Umar, provincial head of agriculture department says: “Agriculture of the province is flourishing in the province and the farmers harvest more crops as compared to past.”
He said that problems of farmers have been reduced to great extent. He said millions of dollars are spent to provide farmers community with best quality of seeds and fertilizers. He informed 70 stores for plants have been established in the capital and five districts.
Around 700 men are trained to promote their business of bees, he said, adding that after their training, the trainees were given bees to bring them up.
He said following his government extended support, farmers community have replaced the old and outdated method of cultivation with the modern one, which led to bumper crop yield.
Shapoor Arab, spokesman education department said following establishment of transition government, buildings have been constructed for 220 schools, Dar-ul-Ulum and a pedagogical institute in Logar.
Barrister Hamza, assistant of Logar economy department insisted that huge funds of rehabilitation projects went to the pockets of some influential, adding that the current pace of progress is not satisfactory. He said there is dire need of more work to be done in the rehabilitation process.
 He said rehabilitation projects lost their quality and stability because the practical implementation of the projects passed from second hand to third and so on. He went on to say that people’s financial woes could be brought down had the financial assistance been spent on right projects.
Dr. Abdul Wali Wakeel, head of Logar Provincial Council told Pajhwok Afghan News that the rehabilitation of the projects could not resolve the basic requirements of the people. Criticizing the government, he said that basic needs and requirements of the people are ignored.
He said that lack of consistency in government policies led youth of the area to joblessness and unemployment, which directly impact the security of the province.
Abdu Rahman , a tribal elder and member of development council from Hisarak village said that development projects are implemented in selected areas , complaining that the projects could not disbursed on merit or required basis.
“If the government provides job opportunities to the people of the region then it will improve the security in the province,” he added.
Haji Habibullah, member of regional council in Mohammad Agah District demands the government to fulfill the long held promises to carry out development projects in the volatile region. He said the government has totally failed to provide people with their basic needs.
Asadullah Himatyar, a resident of Kharwar District and parliamentarian from Logar admits: “People of Kharwar are suffering from different problems including non-implementation of rehabilitation project. Even people do not have access to potable water, education, roads and advanced agriculture facilities.”
He said the tragic aspect of the whole state of affairs is that, that lives of the people of Khawran District could not be changed after claims of spending millions of dollars on projects during the last decade.