1 - Radio Qalam:
Radio Qalam is a local FM 90 radio station in Kama district of eastern Nangarhar province, it was established in 2013 and funded by Ehsanullah Ehsan. It covers all areas of Nangarhar and some areas in neighboring Laghman and Kunar provinces and can be heard across the Durand Line as well. The radio has eight hours broadcasting, and its programs are about science, social, cultural and religious issues. It has 13 employees.
  Contact: 0708259412
2 – Radio Muram:
Radio Muram was established in 2008 in Jalalabad City. This FM 97.8 radio is financed by Sulaiman Khpelwak and Najiba Muram, and has 16 hours broadcast. It covers entire Nangarhar province and some neighboring provinces including Laghman, Kunar and Nooristan. Its programs are mostly about entertainment, literary and social. The radio has 11 employees and the commercial advertisements are its main source of revenue for operation.   
Contact: 07077004040
Email:  Sulmean_khplwak@yahoo.com
3 - Radio Enekas:
Radio Enekas is funded by engineer Humayun and was launched in 2011. Besides Nangarhar, this FM 97.1 radio covers Laghman, Kunar, Khost and some areas on other sides of Durand Line. It has 18 hours broadcasts. Having 13 employees, this radio has news, social, entertainment and cultural programs and its running budget comes from the commercial advertisements. 
Contact: 0798170897
Email: Inikass.radio@gmail.com
4. Safa Radio:
Safa Radio was established in 2010 and funded by Qarar Azizai and Firdous Hazrati, it broadcasts 20 hours. The radio mostly focuses on social and entertainment programs; this station is broadcasting from Nangarhar and also covers neighbor provinces Kunar, Laghman and Khost. The FM 89.7 radio has 16 employees.
Contact: 0700954041
Email: online.safa@yahoo.com
5. Abasin Radio:
Abasin Radio was established in 2010 and funded by Eng. Ajmal Sadat. FM 91.8 radio covers all areas inside Nangarhar and some neighboring provinces such as Kunar, Laghman and nearby areas. It has 18 hours broadcasts and its programs mostly focus on religious and social issues.
Contact: 0702390529
6. Hamisha Bahar Radio:
Hamisha Bahar Radio was established and financed by Tariq Sapai in 2011. Its owner is Fahim Atal and its editor-in-chief is Samim Stanikzai. This radio has 18 hours broadcasts and its programs are mostly entertainment, social, literary and political. The FM 90.7 radio has 11 employees and covers some areas in the neighboring provinces too.
Contact: 0777050509
Email: HBR90.7fm@gmail.com
7. Meena Radio:
Meena Radio was established and financed by Arash Nangial in 2011. TheFM 92.7 radio has 22 employees and 20 hours broadcasts. The owner of the radio station is Arash Nangial and its editor-in-chief is Kawash Nangial.
Email: Menaa223@yahoo.com
8 – Spinghar Radio:
Spinghar Radio is active in Rodat district of Nangarhar province, and has 10 hours broadcasts. Its owner is Spinghar Youths association and its editor in chief is Shirbahadur Himat. The radio was first opened in Ghani Khil but after four years shifted to Rodat district of the province. The FM 89.4 radio has 8 employees. Mostly its programs are entertainment.
Contact: 0799352557
9 - Sharq Radio:
Sharq radio was established in 2002 and funded by Shafiqullah Shaiq, it has 24 hours broadcasts. The 91.3 FM covers all areas of Nangarhar and some neighboring Kunar, Laghman and some areas of other provinces. Its owner is Shaiq and editor-in-chief is Halimi. Their programs are social, literary and entertainment, and have 12 employees.
Contact No: 0700600531
Email:  Shaiq_afghan@yahoo.com
10 - Radio Nargis,
Radio Nargis is also established by Shafiqullah Shaiq in 2007 in Nangarhar province. Its editor-in-chief is Shahla Shaiq and has 24 hours broadcasts, all its programs are dedicated for women only. This FM 92.4 radio covers all areas of Nangarhar and neighboring provinces such as Kunar, Laghman and some areas of other provinces. This radio has 14 female employees.
Contact: 0700600531
Email: Shaiq_afghan@yahoo.com
11 – Sharq TV:
Sharq TV is the only private TV channel in eastern Nangarhar. This TV channel started broadcasting in 2008 and was established by Shafiqullah Shaiq. This TV is financed through commercial advertisements and is connected to satellite as well. Its editor-in-chief is Yousef Jabarkhil and its owner is Shaiq. Its programs are mostly social, literary and political.
Contact: 0700600531
Email: Shaiq_afghan@yahoo.com
12- Shaiq Timely Magazine:
Shaiq Timely Magazine was established in 2002. It is publishing three times in a week. Its owner is Shafiqullah Shaiq and the editor in chief is Shafiqullah Rahmani. It is an independent outlet and the contents of the magazine are social, cultural and political.
Contact: 0700600531
Email: Shaiq_afghan@yahoo.com
13 – Radio Islah:
Radio Islah was established by Islah foundation in 2012 in Nangarhar which also covers a number of other neighboring provinces. All programs of the outlet are religious, the owner of the station is Islah foundation and its editor-in-chief is Tawhidyar. This radio has 18 hours broadcasts and is funded by Islah foundation.
   14 – Radio Nan:
Radio Nan is active in Jalalabad city and was established in 2010 in Shinwar district of Nangarhar and later was shifted to Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar province. The 99.9 FM radio covers Nangarhar and neighboring provinces. Its editor-in-chief is Nasrat Amani and its owner is Fahim Atal. Its programs are mostly social, critical and political.
15 - National Radio of Nangarhar:
The National radio of Nangarhar was established in 1977 and its broadcasts are continuing till present. ThE radio has broadcasts through short waves 1440 and FM 93 all over the country. Its current in charge is Eng. Zulmai, and director of its programs is Atiqullah Mohmand. It broadcasts 18 hours on shortwave and 24 hours on FM. Its programs are social, political and news.
Contact: 0700634261   
16 – Nangarhar National TV:
The National TV of Nangarhar started its broadcasts in 1985 under the leadership of the provincial directorate of Information and culture. This TV has 18 hours broadcasts and besides, the country it can be watched through satellite in 42 other countries.  Its programs cover news and social issues. Its current in charge is Eng. Zulmai and its programs director is M. Nadir Baha and has 40 employees.
Contact: 0700634261  
17 – Nangarhar Daily:
Nangarhar Daily was established in 1919 by the department of Information and Culture. The previous name of the newspaper was Itehad-i-Mashriqi.
 Salek Qasabawal is chief editor of the newspaper and is published by Information and Culture department of Nangarhar. It covers government news and topics, it publishes three times in a week. It has 8 employees.
Contact: 0700603576
18 – Itehad-e-Mashraqi Magazine:
Itehad-e-Mashraqi Magazine was established in 1957. Its previous name was Nangarhar, and in 2012 it changed to Itehad-e-Mashriqi. This monthly magazine mostly focuses on scientific, analytical, social and cultural topics. Its issues number is 1,000 and funded by the Information and Culture department.  
Contact: 0700603576
19 - Meena Magazine:
The Independent Meena Magazine has been established in 2002 in Nangarhar, and is published occassionaly. Ezatullah Zawab is the founder and owner of the magazine. Its contents are mostly literary, political, critical and social, and despite inside Nangarhar is being distributed in all Pashtoon inhabited areas around the country. It has four employees and its budgets are coming from commercial advertisements.
Contact: 0799349967
 20 - Breed Weekly:
Independent Breed weekly was established in 2013, its owner is Lalpacha Azmoon and its editor in chief is Mahboobshah. Its main contents are political and critical. Its budget comes from commercials advertisement. It has 5 employees.
Contact: 0798581380
Email: mahbobshahmahbob@yahoo.com