Data Gathered Date: 

Sunday, September 22, 2013 - 14:30

ZARANJ (PAN): The residents of volatile Nimroz complained fast-spreading joblessness, lack of potable and irrigation water, insecurity and narcotics smuggling were among the problems that needed to be addressed immediately.
The locals said the government should allocate budget for gravelling of roads, which were in dilapidated condition.
Nimroz is located to the southwest of the country, sharing border with Iran and Pakistan.
Including the provincial capital Zaranj, the province has six administrative units.
A person with disability: Government should support the disables:  
Abdul Hakim, a resident of Zaranj lost his both legs during fight with Russians said government was paying them very less.” I lost my legs for the country and the government should support me and my family.”
High school teacher: Teaching staff salaries need to be increased:
Abdul Hadi, a high school teacher from provincial capital demanded the government should increase his community salaries and allocate a land for them to build their houses.
He said they taught kids of the country in a tough situation at a time when they were in critical financial position. He expressed concern the government was not paying attention to encourage and support the vital sector.
 Government employee: because of security threats we cannot go to the district:
Samiullah, resident of Khashroad district and government employee said due to insecurity they were unable to visit the district. He said Taliban had blocked the roads and harassing passengers on the highways, demanding the government to adopt measures to make the highways safe for travelling.
A taxi driver: I will not cast my vote:
A taxi driver from the provincial capital said he used the right to vote twice in the past but he did not notice any change. He said candidates were promising to do commendable jobs before elections but people did not see them once they were elected.
A victim of suicide bomb: Iran sends suicide bombers to kill us:
Abdul Qadir whose most family members suffered casualties in a suicide bomb blast said, Iran used to send suicide bombers to kill and main people. He demanded the government to give exemplary punishment to the perpetrators of the suicide bombings. He said the government should halt diplomatic ties with Iran.  
Shopkeeper: We want potable water:
Gul Mohammad, a shopkeeper in Zaranj district said his locality had only four deep wells from where people got water after waiting for long for their turn in a queue.
He demanded the government should explore ways to ensure supply of drinking water to the locality.