Paroon (PAN): Provincial authorities alleged the central government of ignoring Nuristan in rehabilitation projects and depriving the province of direly needed development projects.
Mohammad Zahir Bahand, governor’s spokesman told Pajhwok Afghan News some small rehabilitation projects were under construction in the province. “Work on the construction of several schools is in progress,” he added.
Bahand alleged the provincial government did not pay any heed to step up construction work on Badakhshan-Kabul road.
He informed the central government had started multiple rehabilitation projects through rural development ministry in the province, adding that work on hundreds of dug-wells was underway.
Zabit Khan, head of provincial public work department told Pajhwok Afghan News: “We don’t have large scale projects under our authority to be initiated in the province”. Central government has totally ignored to resolve the pressing problems of the province, he deplored.
He went on to say that roads linking districts with the provincial capital were in dilapidated conditions and the government never pushed the NGOs and other donor organizations to improve the infrastructure of the province.
Provincial Governor Mohammad Tamim Nuristani in an interview designated Nuristan a “neglected province”, adding that the province has zero rehabilitation.
Voicing same concerns, Inayatullah Mazhabyar, head of provincial council told Pajhwok Afghan News that the government did nothing to develop the province on modern lines.
“We have demanded the central government time and again to initiate rehabilitation projects but nothing could be done to address the long standing problems of the people,” he added.
He informed that districts such as Waygal could easily go in the hands of insurgents if rehabilitation projects were not launched.
Mazhabyar warned absence of rehabilitation projects would contribute to growing insecurity in Nuristan province.
Provincial Council Member Rowidi told Pajhwok Afghan News: “People want electricity--- a long standing demand of the people of the area.” He linked settlement of multiple problems to provision of electricity to the province.
Khair Rehman, a resident of Waygal district maintained government has no presence in his locality despite the fact that the area has no active role of militants.
Mihtab-u-Din, head of Nuristan education department said the vital education sector was in disarray with few schools having small number of students were functional in the province.
He noted no rehabilitation projects was underway either with foreign aid or locally funded, adding, however, department of public works was taking active part in the province’s rehabilitation projects.