Parron (PAN): Rejecting officials claim that security measures in Nuristan is considerably improved, people of the province complained deepening lawlessness and insecurity left the government machinery paralyzed.
People said insecurity had been growing with accelerated steps, which caused chaos among residents. Alhaj Ismail, a resident of Kamdish District told Pajhwok Afghan News that the district had peaceful environment, adding, however that the recent years saw law and order had been deteriorating. He said that government writ was not established in most of the parts of the province.
The country’s security agencies failed to provide protection to the masses, he added. He informed that armed militants roam elsewhere in the province without any fear of the government.
Nabiullah, a resident of Du Ab district complained about the worsening security situation in the district by saying that “insecurity is growing in the province, which hampering rehabilitation program and development projects.”
“Provincial staff can’t travel 10 kilometers away from the capital Parun. Government employees are restrained to the provincial capital,” he added.
Amanullah Inayat-ur-Rahaman, head of provincial council said Nuristan had lost completely law and order and security. The central government is not concerned to bolster the security of the province. He said virtually the province was in the hand of anti-state elements, adding that the governor house was not safe even.
He informed Naugram was the only district where government employees attend their offices while employees of rest of the districts live in the capital Parun.
He said growing insecurity forced most of the District Chief Officers (DCOs) to stay away from their duties stations in their respective stations. Most of the localities in the province were turned into battle ground between government forces and Taliban militants.
Despite shortage of police personal, a brigade of border police from Nuristan province is stationed in Kunar province.
The provincial government is incompetent to maintain law and order in the province because of ill-trained police force.
Etibar Gul, a resident of Nuagram district told Pajhawok Afghan News the province was in the grip of chaos for couple of years with people of the locality could not go outside without weapons.
He alleged Taliban were freely roaming in the province without any fear of law enforcement agencies.
He claimed the growing resurrection of the Taliban had confined the district chief officers to their office buildings.
Rowidah, a member of provincial council said security of Nuristan is hijacked by the Taliban and other militant groups, adding that launching rehabilitation projects were impossible until restoration of peace and tranquility in the province.
“Everyone is insecure if you do not have improved order” Rowidi said.
“Unemployment contributes to insurgency. Creation of job opportunities will go a long way to flush out militancy,” she added.
She said jobless youth join Taliban’s ranks, posing a direct threat to the province’s security. People in Nuristan were comfortable with the deployment of ALP in their respective region, and the ALP was seen more capable in maintaining law and order.
Colonel Ghulam Farooq, provincial police chief while admitting security lapses said that shortage of police force and stationing of army and border police force contingents belonging to Nuristan province in Kunar caused weak security.
He lauded the role of people and called on them to inform police about the movement of suspected individuals in the province.
Police chief, while admiring the people of Nuristan for their support with security forces categorically said that few foreign culprits were involved in derailing peace and stability of the province.
Ghulam Farooq informed that Want Waygal was among the destabilized district, adding however, police has complete control over the district now.
“Many districts of Nuristan are peaceful, but some part of border areas become violent due to cross border attack by Pakistani militants,” he remarked.
Police Chief while lauding the services of ALP said insurgency has reduced to greater extent after the deployment of ALP in some part of Nuristan province.
He informed the deployment of more ALP force would be carried out in the near future in rest of the parts of the province, which tend to drastically change the security situation.  
He said registration center for coming elections had been established in several districts and the capital Parun where people could easily take part in ballots.
The police chief while reiterating his resolves for the establishment of peace said that successful operations had been conducted in the recent past to purged the area of insurgents.
He went on to say criminal activities in the province had decreased considerably, adding that efforts are on to flush out militants from the restive parts of the province.