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Saturday, August 24, 2013 - 16:00

Paroon (PAN): Residents of Nuristan complain multiple challenges including lawlessness, absence of schools buildings, health clinics and basic necessities of life.
Nabiullah Rashidi, resident of Doaab district of Nuristan told Pajhwok Afghan News that the main problem haunting the residents was insecurity.
The province has zero security but the concerned officials did not pay any attention to improve the law and order, he said, adding that owing to chaos government employees could not even move to their officers and the staff was confined to governor’s office.
Rouida, Nuristan provincial council member said joblessness was a major problem of Nuristan people, adding that enhanced security would automatically improve the security situation.
“If youths are provided with jobs then foreign elements will not be able to use them for their vested interests,” Rouda said, adding jobless youth joining insurgents’ ranks who were getting money from Pakistan.
He demanded the government should mull measures to construct buildings for educational institutions elsewhere in the province. Khatera, another member of the provincial council said the province has no buildings for government offices.
“Government officials have been claiming girls schools are functioning in the province but the fact is that the teaching staff regularly get paid while schools are closed,” Khatera said, adding the government should strive to reopen the schools and provide them with buildings and teaching materials. 
Haji Zar Mohammad, a resident of Duaab district said since three years, a number of schools didn’t receive curriculum and books with most of the teachers were not interested to take their classes regularly.
Haji Mirza, resident of the provincial capital said they did not have access to health services, adding there was a lone health clinic in the provincial capital where only nurses were discharging their duties.
A lecturer, a teacher in the training institute wishing not to be named said most of the provincial authorities did not live in Nuristan, adding that provincial department heads were living in Nangarhar, Kabul and Kunar provinces. He said provincial security chief left the province a month ago and didn’t come back to discharge his duties.
Sultan Mir, a tribal elder from Barg-i-matal districts said the Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI, has its influence in the district is a major challenge. “The Pakistani forces are coming from across the border to Nuristan and meet with militants but the government has failed to adopt measures to thwart the evil design of the enemy. He said if the issue of Nuristan could not be taken serious then it tends to further deteriorate security in other provinces of the country. The government had promised to initiate a number of development projects but the promise was yet to be materialized.
Azhar-u-lhaq, a resident of Parun said the absence of a university created many problems for the educated persons. He demanded the government to establish a university in the province.
Nuristan Governor Tamim Nuristani admitted residents of Nuristan were deprived of basic needs, adding that border brigade for Nuristan was stationed in Kunar and if it is shifted to Nuristan then it would help improve its security. “I repeatedly demanded for launching development projects in the province but nothing could be done so far, Nuristani deplored.  
The governor said most of the provincial departments did not have proper buildings and roads were not paved. He said even the jail has no building, adding that the government was needed to initiate accelerated steps to build buildings for government departments.