1-      Khorasan Radio:
Khorasan Radio was launched in Panjsher province the Internews Organization in 2007. Its publication starts from 5: 00 am till 10: 00 pm, covering Shata, Anaba, Rokha and Bazarak districts. Khorasan Radio has 22 employees with Ruhullah Yusafi is its managing director.
Contacts: 0700158115
Email: radiokhurasanfm@gmail.com
 2. Panjsher Dwo Weekly Newspaper:
Panjsher Dwo Weekly Newspaper is one of fast-emerging print media outlets of the province. It was established by Muhammad Alam Aizadyar  in 2004 and started publication since then. The newspaper has around 2, 000 copies’ edition with active circulation in all over Afghanistan. Habib-u- Rahman Raffat is its managing director.
Contacts: 0700239979
2-      Aftab Magazine :
Aftab Magazine is one of the vibrant media outlets of Panjsher province. The magazine was established by social and cultural community of Aftab in 2010. It has been distributed in Panjsher and Parwan provinces. It has 10 employees with Muhammad Haroon Anabi is its managing director.
Contacts: 0772043204
Email: haroon.anabi@gmail.com