1- Mullah Mohammad Faizi:
Mullah Mohammad Faizi Son of Faiz Mohammad, Mullah Mohammad Faizi was born in 1973 in Paryan district. He has completed his primarry education at his home distrcit and recieved his bachelor in Sharia Law from Pakistan. He also recieved another bachelor degree in Law and Political Science from Daawat University in Kabul. Before finding his way to the provincial council, he had served in education department of Panjsher province.
2- Wahidullah Dazhgohi, chairman of the provincial council:
Wahidullah Dazhgohi is the son of Azizullah. He was born in Qabzan areas of Rukha district in 1988. He completed his primary and secondary education at his home district. He achieved his bachelor degree from a university in Kuwait. He won the provincial election in 2014.
3-Najibullah Yaqoobi:
Najibullah Yaqoobi Son of Yaqoob, Najibullah Yaqoobi was born in 1984 in Rukha district of Panjsher province. He completed his primary eduction there and graduated from Nadria high school in Kabul. Now, he is the student of third class of law and political science in a private university. He has no political affiliaton. Before making his way to the provincial council, he was head of a construction company. He is now head of the provincial council.
4- Weeda Saeedi:
Weeda Saeedi is the daughter of Mirza. She was born in Babah Ali area of Aabshar district in 1968. She got primary education in Kabul and then served for two years in education department of Ministry of Education. She discharged her duties for six years in the Ministry of Agriculture.
5- Qazi Abdul Samad Sultani:
Qazi Abdul Samad Sultani Son of Mullah Mohammad, Abdul Samad Sultani was born in 1974 in Khinj district. He recieved his early education there and then recieved high school graduation certificate from a Mardrasa in Pakistan in 1996. He also has bachelor in Sharia Law from Kabul University. In 2009, he served in Education Ministry and has no political affialation.
6- Qalandar Khan Bahaduri:
Qalandar Khan Bahaduri Son of Bahadur, Qalandar Khan Bahaduri was born in 1996 in Dara district. He recived his primary and relegious education there. He has no political affiliation and currently serves as provincail council secretary.
7- Rahela Attayee:
Rahela Attayee Daughter of Saraj Ahmad, Rahela Attayee was born in 1972 in Astana villge, the capital of Panjsher province. She completed her primary and secondary school in Kabul and recived her bachelor degree from Science Faculty of Kabul Univiersity. Currently, she is studying law and political science in a private university in Kabul. Before making her way to the provincail council, she served for 12 years in National Solidarity Programm (NSP) and served as a teacher for five years. She is an active civil society activist in Panjsher. Sh has no political affiliation. Currently, she is the deputy of the provincial council.
8- Azmuddin Mirzayee:
Azmuddin Mirzayee Son of Mohammad Mirza, Azmuddin Mirzayee was born in 1978 in Hesa-e-Awal district. He completed his primary school there and graduated from Imam Abu Haneefa Madrassa in Kabul. He also has a bechlor degree in law and political science from Kabul University. Before making his way to the provincial council, he had his private bussiness. He also has no political affiliation.
9- Molvi Yahya:
Molvi Yahya Son of Haji Khudadad, Molvi Yahya was born in 1971 in Onaba district. He completed his primary school at his home district and then graduated from a Madrassa in Pakistan. Before findin his way to the provincial council, he was serving as Imam in a Madrassa in Panjsher.