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Sunday, October 27, 2013 - 16:00

PARAKH (PAN): People of Panjsher expressed optimism to actively participate in the upcoming elections but they urged the upcoming president to focus to resolve the pressing security and unemployment issues.
Panjsher is among the central provinces of Afghanistan having nine provincial council members with three of them female representatives.
Following report contains opinions of local residents in line with the upcoming elections.
Shopkeeper: We want the government to bolster investment in various sectors.
Hameedullah, a shopkeeper and resident of Paryan district said he would participate in the upcoming elections but underlined the need that the upcoming government should carry out development projects and utilize foreign aid in a proper way.
More and more people should get the fruit of development and rehabilitation projects, he urged.
A football player: Everyone should take part in elections--- a move that can ensure peace and development.
Basir Khan, a football player from Panjsher while lauding the move of holding elections in the country said Afghan should participate in the process in order to usher an era of bright future for the country.
He said their vote should go to the candidate who had the ability to steer the country out of current turmoil and crisis. 
Guard: I will vote a contender who has the ability to rule the country with zeal.
Mohammad Tahir, a guard and resident of the provincial capital said he and his family would cast vote in favour of a candidate who would be the man of principle and rule the country in a brilliant way.
The new government should strive hard to create employment opportunities because joblessness had threatened peace and security of the country, he added.
Farmer: Foreigners should not interfere in election process.
Assuring active participation in the ballots, a farmer from Anab district said that elections should be free from any foreign interventions.
“It is the right of Afghans to elect their upcoming president. The next government should leave no stone unturned to eradicate rampant administration corruption and bribe,” he added.
Student: Elections do not bring any change and individual’s vote has no value.
Shazia, a student said elections did not usher any big change because everything had been decided in advance amid massive rigging during elections. Vote of an individual had no value, she added.
She however, acknowledged that elections to elect a president in a free and independent environment could heal the wounds of the nation.
A daily wager: Taking part in elections is mandatory for everyone.
Ahmad Gul, a shoemaker and resident of Anaba district said he would take active part in elections. He said everyone was willing to take part in elections in a hope that the area would get peace and stability after the polls.
A teacher: I will vote in favor of a contender who really serves the nation.
Attaullah, a teacher from Shotal district noted he would vote in favor of a contender who had the ability to serve the nation. The dilemma, he said was that winners in the elections often forgot the promises they made with the voters.