CHARIKAR (PAN): Provincial education authorities admitted the vital sector was facing immense shortage of professional teachers and other direly needed stuff, saying the sector could not be developed on modern lines. 
Zalmai Shaheed, head of Parwan education department said as many as 410 schools were  operational in the province out of which 159 were high, 126 intermediate while the rest 125 were primary schools. He said at least 812 female and 4, 867 male teachers impart education to 128, 070 boys and 77, 165 girls’ students. shamble
In addition, as many as 34 religious institutions including nine Dar-ul-Hifaz and four Dar-ul-Ulums providing systematic education from class 1st to 12th, he informed.
He stated around 13,794 male and 3,321female students were being imparted religious education by 489 teachers out of which 13 were female teachers.
Head of education department said 3, 400 male and 430 female students were getting higher education in the state-run university in Parwan, adding the university has several faculties inclduing agriculture, economic, journalism and law. In addition, he said two more educational institutions each of nursing and gynecologist were providing education services in the provicne.
 Apart from government education institutions, a private university and three high schools and volunteers at mosques offer education services to the people of the province.    
Problems and Development: 
Head of Parwn education department claimed tremendous achievements were made in education sector in the past few years, who said lack of professional teachers especially for mathematics and science subjects were among major problems creating hurdles in promoting of education.
 Shahidi said education department introduced technical subjects in the curriculum but lack of computers, stationeries and other necessities such as electricity were hampering efforts to promote the vital education sector.
 He reiterated his department resolve to develop the education sector in the province, adding almost every school was provided with building and complete package of curriculum books and the students attends the schools without fear. 
He went on to say armed groups were creating troubles for students when they commute to schools or play sports, adding that armed groups issued death threats to personnel of educaiton department.
Two students were injured by unknown person in Bagram district in the recent past, he informed.
  Teachers and Students:
Sayed Rasool, a student of Sadiqi High School in the capital Charikar said education sector was facing formidable challenges, adding, however, some progress had been made to develop the eduation sector.
In his chat with Pajhowk Afghan News he said the main issue being faced by the provincial education department was lack of professional teachers, demanding the government to resolve the issue without further delay.
He said building of a high school was set on fire last year and the burnt portion of the building was yet to be constructed.    
Abdul Basit, another student of the same high school said some students were the relatives of militants who used to come to school with guns and knives in an apparent attempt to to destabilize the education environment. He demanded the education authorities should take stringent measures to stop the practice in schools.
Mula Saki Takchi, district chief officer of Bagram complained head master of his locality school had distributed textbooks but with a considerable delay, which wasted the precious times of the students.
In his chat with Pajhowk Afghan News, he said students of first, second, and third classes were not provided with curriculum books for the last three years.
He went on to complain incompetent teachers had been hired by the education department on the basis of references and personal relations, which left negative impact on the education sector.
Sakizada elaborated inefficient teachers did not work hard with students in teahing them with dedication and commitment.
Alhaj Shamshul-Haq, tribal elder of Bagram district admitted  developments in education sector but criticized hard the provincial administration.  
He told Pajhwok Afghan News students could not be controlled or punished who remained absent from schools for weeks and even  months.
He pointed out lack of professional teachers was a major problem in developing the educaton sector in larger interests of the country.
He said administrative corruption in education department was at its peak and the employees were hired on the basis of references and personal relations by trampling the established rules of merit.
Zalmi Shaheedi, head of provincial education department while admitting flaws in education sector vowed to take immediate steps for the resolution of problems being confronted to the education sector.