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Saturday, September 7, 2013 - 13:15

CHARIKAR (PAN): Amid dilapidated condition of agriculture and education sectors, residents of restive Parwan are in grip of growing insecurity and complete breakdown of law and order.    
ParMuhammad Shafiq, a resident of Bagram districts said unemployment, insecurity, administrative corruption were among the major problems being faced by the people of the province. 
 In his chat with Pajhwok Afghan News, he said the people had been experiencing multi-dimensional problems since last decade but local authorities were unable or inefficient to improve the chaotic situation.
He went on to say due to inefficiency of government officials, their problems continued to spiral instead of seeking a durable solution.
 International community invested billions of dollars during the last decade but problems of the people could not be resolved, he remarked.
 He elaborated gap between government and people has widened due to existing problems and the government completely failed to put things on right track.
He said the incumbent government could not resolve problems of Prawan province, suggesting that the establishment of a new government might be able to remove their grievances.
 Muhammad Asif, a resident of Abdi Badi area of Charikar city said electricity, insecurity and the roaming of armed groups were some formidable problems being faced by his community.
He said people were unable to travel after sunset and the growing trend of insecurity forced them to stay inside their homes.
He informed despite the fact that the electricity lines were crossing Parwan but the province was deprived of electricity.
He pointed out the existing corruption in government institutions was a constant source of concern for educated youth of the province, saying the newly constructed roads were in shambles because of using low quality construction  materials.
Muhammad Shaiq Qasami, a resident of Jabal Saraj district complained about the unavailability of drinking water and rampant unemployment.  
He said residents were travelling to far flung areas to find potable water while some resident were suffering from different kinds of water-borne diseases due to drinking of unhygienic water.
“If the bankrupt factories of cement and textile are rehabilitated then it will create more job opportunities for the jobless youth of the province,” he suggested.
 Basir Ahmad, a resident of Salang district said due to dilapidated condition of most of the roads, farmers could not deliver their goods to the market  on time.
 He said Salang was a mountainous area and the residents of the area were mainly associated with the profession of agriculture and livestock who were gripped by unspeakable problems.
Naqibullah, a resident of Shikh Ali district is of the view that insecurity, unemployment and the failed education system in the province were among the major problems, which need immediate focus of the government to reverse the trend of chaos.
He said the main occupation of the people was working in their orchards but net profit of their fruit crops did not yield any big financial benefit.
Naveed 18, a vendor in the market told Pajhwok Afghan News the businessmen were being harassed by the armed groups who were minting money from them. He said the provincial administration was not willing to take on the armed individuals, demanding that the central government should take notice of the growing problems of the province.
He complained police officials were also minting money from the common people and businessmen.
Juma Gul, a resident of Kohi Safi complained about the sinking quality of education by saying that most of the schools have no buildings and the students could not receive their textbooks on time.