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Saturday, September 7, 2013 - 13:30

CHARIKAR (PAN):Parwan province is located 60 kilometers to the north of Kabul, sharing borders with Kapisa, Baghlan, Panjsher, Maidan Wardak, Kabul and Bamyan provinces. The province has 10 administrative units including the provincial capital.
Government employee says he has lost trust in elections:
Muhammad Yahya, a government employee in Parwan province said though he received voter cards and he participated twice in elections in the past but his problems were multiplied instead. The candidates he had voted for had done nothing that’s why he would not take part in the upcoming elections.
NGO employee expresses optimism to take part in elections but worry about security measures:
Muhammd Yousaf, an NGO employee said previously he cast his vote and he would cast his vote in the upcoming elections too. Stating that holding fair elections were imperative for the stability of democracy, he expressed pessimism by saying that insecurity would leave negative impact on the elections process. He underlined the need the government should adopt strategy by launching operations to flush out militants to level ground for free, fair and independent elections.
Shopkeeper: I will vote in favour of my favorite candidate:  
Muhammad Nasir, a shopkeeper in the provincial capital said he received voter registration card few days back and was intending to vote in favour of his favorite candidate. He said there was dire need for holding transparent elections.
Laborer: I do not know about elections:  
A laborer in Charikar said he was striving to find work to earn a livelihood for his dependent, saying he did not known about elections and would not take part in polls. He said people were talking about elections but no one bothers to talk about the problems being confronted by the poor segment of society.
Student: Women should actively participate in the elections:
Waheeda, a student at Parwan University viewed elections process as of the pillars of democracy. She pledged she would encourage other females to take part in the polls. “I believe in elections and want to use my right to vote under the law of the land,” she added.
Farmer: We need drinking water:
Qasimi, a resident of Jabal-e-Saraj district complained regarding the absence of potable water and growing joblessness. He informed residents were forced to bring potable water from far-flung areas. By drinking unhygienic water, people have been caught by various water-borne diseases.
Common people: We want security:
Pir Muhamamd, a resident of Shinwar district said Taliban’s influence was gaining momentum in his locality who create law and order situation and spreading chaos in the area. He said the Taliban were creating problems for the civilians. He urged the government o take stringent steps to purge the area of militants and their local collaborators.