SAR-I-PuL CITY (PAN): Officials said rehabilitation work in the province had been expedited but it was moving with a slow-paced during the past, causing considerable delay to complete the allocated projects.   
Earlier, the official said large scale development was witnessed in education sector, road infrastructure and demining sector during the last decade.
Abdul Jabbar Haqbin, governor of Sar-i-Pol province told Pajhwok Afghan News rehabilitation and development project could not be implemented in the province because of multiple problems.
He went on to say some projects were lost due to improper policies of previous officials while others got effected because of deteriorated law and order situation in the province. He said the province was deprived of the development projects.
He said provincial authorities could not give due importance and attention to the rehabilitation of the province for years.
Some projects had been implemented after consultation with local residents, he said adding thousands of locals would get employment opportunities once the demining industry of oil and gas was established in the province.
Referring to education sector, he said around 25 schools had been constructed the current year and 75 more buildings for schools were scheduled to be built in the coming year.
Efforts are under way to remove grievances of residents regarding short fall of electricity, he added.
He said Sar-i-Pul province was a transit root for the 40-kilometers long electricity line, connecting electricity supply from Mazar-e-Sharif to Uzbekistan, the total distance of electricity line was estimated 62 kilometers.
In addition, around eight kilometers road had been constructed in the provincial capital while construction of another eight kilometers road was about to be started.
The construction of highway between Sozmah Qila and Sanchark district is underway, he said, adding construction of provincial government infrastructure had been completed while work of district governor departments in Balkhab, Sayyad and Sanagcharakh district is underway with the financial assistance by US Special Forces.
The residents of Sar-i-Pul province said the province got most development and rehabilitation projects in the recent years.
Muhmmadullah, a resident of Sar-i-Pul city told Pajhwok Afghan News his region was though known as a province but it had no infrastructure of that caliber.
He went on to say none of the common welfare project was launched in the province since the rehabilitation program was started.
“Three months back, the province did not have a single kilometer paved road,” he added.
Mohammad Ajmal, a resident of the same locality said rehabilitation work was halted in the province except few places such as provincial capital where construction of 8-kilometers road was underway.
He said the province was in dire need of rehabilitation to launch without further delay.
The governor said the government was needed to adopt active approach to initiate rehabilitation projects elsewhere in the province.
He said the province was suffering from the long-standing problem of electricity shortfall, dilapidated roads and weak infrastructure. He said authorities should pay attention to build the entire infrastructure.
“We have started taking steps on emergency basis since two and half years to remove problems and grievances of residents,” the governor added.