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Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 13:00

SAR-I-PUL (PAN): Sar-i-Pul residents demanded asphalting of roads and provision of electricity to the people of what they said neglected province of the country.
“The surrounding provinces enjoy broader facilities including access to electricity, potable water, graveled roads and modern education facilities but we are deprived of the services,” they added.
Sifatullah, a resident of provincial capital lamented his province had neither electricity nor asphalted roads, adding the concerned officials had a double standard approach in developing his province.
“We do not know what the provincial municipality is doing here. You cannot see even a single kilometer graveled road throughout the province. Even, the municipality does not have a sign board on its office yet, how we can expect them to provide us with services,” he added.
Provincial Mayor Kamaluddin told Pajhwok Afghan news the province got a very meager share in development projects as compared to other provinces. He blamed high ranking official for ignoring the province in terms of development and said the province was needed about 40 kilometers paved roads. “Now the road constructing activities are started in the province, I hope most city’s roads will be paved by end of current year,” he pledged.
Mirza Assadullah, a resident of the provincial capital said, electricity had been supplied from Turkmenistan to the province but was limited only to the governmental offices and few nearby villages.
Provincial officials acknowledged the province had lack of roads and electricity problems, saying insecurity was hampering development projects in the province during the past several years.
Provincial Governor Abdul Jabbar Taqwa said work to gravel around eight kilometers road had been launched, which would be completed soon.
Referring to electricity problem, he said electricity was being supplied from Turkmenistan, demanding the central government to extend all out cooperation to resolve the long-standing power issue in the province.
He said development activities would witness record surge following considerable improvement in the security situation in the province.