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Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 11:15

TALUQAN (PAN): Residents of Takhar province expressed commitment to take active part in the upcoming presidential and provincial council elections.
However, most of the residents want free, fair and independent elections.
Sharing border with Tajikistan, Takhar has a total 17 administrative units; however, constituencies for provincial council elections would yet to be drawn.
It may be recalled widespread ragging was reported during the previous elections in Yangi Qala, Khawaja Bahauddin, Khwaja Ghar and Ashkamash districts.
The report has been compiled in the wake of interviews conducted by Pajhwok Afghan News with the residents of Taluqan in the provincial capital and five districts.
Shopkeeper: I will cast my vote in favour of a candidate who helps address problems of the poor segment of society.
Wahidullah 32, a shopkeeper in Farkhar district said elections should be held on time because law and order had been improved in the district.
“I will vote in favour of a contender who is neither involved in the killings of innocent nor a war lord” he said.
He reiterated he would use the right to vote a candidate who had the capabilities to resolve address of poverty-stricken masses of the area.
“I want an election contender to help promote agriculture sector, development infrastructure and create employment opportunities for youth of the province,” he added.  
Farmer: We need market access for our crops and assistance to promote our agriculture sector:
Hafiz Saadullah, a resident of Yangi Qala said farmers were facing host of problems despite some sort of development achieved in the agriculture sector.
He went on to say their votes would go to the contenders who had the capabilities to help work for greater economic prosperity of farmers.
“Farmers are in dire need of market access, storage facilities construction of roads for transportation of their products, provision of refined seeds and fertilizers for getting good crops,” he added.
The contender should promise to help remove barriers in the way of their crop export and assist farmer community.
A widow: Law should be framed to facilitate widows.
A widow Marina 48, resident of Srai-e-Sang locality in Taluqan city said: “I got voting card for both presidential and provincial council elections and I am going to cast my vote. But I want the next president to devise a law in which a family should financially help widows.”
She lost her husband around 15 years ago during civil war when she was the mother of two sons.
Student: I hope upcoming elections will help resolve our problems:
Fozia, a student of Shariah faculty at Takhar University said: “I hope the upcoming elections will help address our multidimensional problems.”
She said people were enthusiastic to take part in the elections as law and order had been improved in the province.
Women would vote for a contender who had the capacity to address the miseries of women folk and ensure enrollment of women in educational institutions.
He demanded the officials should ensure provision of needed facilities to conduct elections in Takhar 16 districts in a fear-free environment.
Government employee: We want menace of corruption be eliminated in government departments.
Agha Mohammad, a government employee said corruption each and every department had deep rooted corruption, which should be uprooted by taking tough decision in larger national interests.
“I will vote in favour of a contender who shows strong determination to eliminate corruption from government departments,” he added.
He said the upcoming president should work for the establishment of industries and generate employment opportunities, beside elimination of corruption and other irregularities at government level.
Doctor: The upcoming president should ensure provision of health facilities.
Attaullah Safa, a doctor in Taluqan city said much had been done to develop the vital health sector during the past decade but some people were still importing low quality medicines.
He demanded authorities should take action against the responsible and adopt a police to stop importing low quality medicines to the country.
He demanded the upcoming president should find ways to put the health sector back on track.
He said poor masses were suffering high fees and medicines prices at private hospitals because the government did not have any check on health sector’s officials.
Police: We will ensure security during upcoming elections.
Sayyed Salahuddin, a police official at the central police station in Takhar province said: “Our constitutionally mandated duty is to ensure security during the upcoming elections.”
Police force had been striving to work for ensuring law and order so that people could move freely without sense of fear.
He assured police force was prepared to face any challenge and would make sure to hold peaceful elections.
He urged higher authorities to establish more check points in an attempt to make the security foolproof in the province.