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Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 15:15

QALA-I-NAW (PAN): Residents of a number of districts of Badghis province have expressed their mixed opinions with regard of decade’s old wars and the future of their country.
Pajhwok Afghan News has interviewed residents of the capital and districts of Badghis to know their view point in line with their country’s future.
A resident of the capital city: Potable water is our long-standing demand:
Mohammad Mashal, a resident from Qala-i-Naw city complained lack of drinking water was their main demand, saying they have no access to clean potable water. He said residents were forced to buy bottles of water at a cost of 50 afghanis per bottle.
He said most of the people could not afford to buy drinking water. Many residents of the province were using unhygienicwater;leading people face water-borne diseases. He demanded the authorities concerned should take immediate steps to resolve the issue.
A school teacher: Quality of education is extremely low:
Abdul HaqMajroh, a resident of Maqur district said the quality of education sector was extremely low not only in his district but in the entire province.
“The vital education sector is in grip of problems such as lack of professional teachers, textbooks and absence of proper buildings for educational institutions,” he added.
Three students used to study one book turn by turn, he added.
A tribal elder: Government should take measures to bolster security on highways:
“We can afford to live without any food but it is extremely difficult to live in a state of insecurity and chaos with special reference the growing insecurity on roads. We demand government should ensure safety of roads and improve security on highways. Roads should be graveled,” said, Mohammad Gul, a resident of BalaMarghab district.
He said residents took great risk of their lives by traveling on the road from the district to the provincial capital, adding there was constant fear of roadside bombs, armed robberies and bumpy roads.
He said if the road linking his district with Qala-i-Nawwould have paved then the travelling distance would be decreased to five hours instead of a whole day.
A school student: We want textbooks be delivered on time among students.
Zabihullah, a resident of Qadis district said students did not receive textbooks on time where there was severe shortage of competent teachers with most of the schools had no buildings.
He said they got passed the examinations without having textbooks, a move largely seen a wastage of time of the coming generation.
He went on to say students were future assets of the country and a state could not move forward if its generation was left illiterate.
A civil society activist: Steps should be taken to pave the important Herat-Badghis highway:
Speaking to Pajhwok Afghan News, Abdullah Durani, a civil society activist said construction work on Herat-Badghis highway was launched a year before but the project could not be completed so far. He expressed reservation the road could not be completed during the next two years.
A public representative: There is dire need to bolster security of highways.
Abdul MajidShakib, member of the provincial council said link roads leading to the capital city were completely insecure and residents were feeling unsafe while traveling between Qala-i-Naw and their hometowns.
In addition, government, NGOs employees and lawmakers were being killed or kidnapped by Taliban, he said, demanding the concerned departments should take notice of the deteriorated state of situation.
A surrendered rebel: We want government to ensure our security.
Mullah Naeem, a resident of Jawnd district said government should provide employment opportunity and protect his life. The former fighter who used to fight from Taliban side said he was living with his five family members in his house and the concerned authorities could not help address his problems.
A gardener: We need protection of our pistachio orchards:
Abdul Baqa, a resident of AabKamari district said there were large numbers of Pistachio gardens but people chop off the trees mercilessly. He warned there would be no tree of pistachio in future if the government failed to take immediate notice of the issue.